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The Conscious Mind is ironically only Conscious of itself. It is not conscious of being the awareness of the Subconscious Aka Human Soul (Temple) nor is it conscious of one's true Awareness Aka the true & eternal Soul that animates the Mind which, unfortunately our true Self, identifies with. It is unfortunate as both the Human Soul and the true Soul constitute the Present Moment - the only reality there ever is. Anything other than the present moment is mind and mind is always Maya. The conscious mind, therefore, is not conscious of its own personal Soul, AS the true Impersonal Soul that is an expression of its true Spiritual Consciousness. Put another way the Conscious Mind is out of complete alignment with itself on all dimensions of being, like a branch cut off from the vine, due to firstly identifying as Mind and consequently, rising out of its temple in the process of Egoic thinking. Ego meaning Mind Consciousness that is unconscious of itself as Spiritual Consciousness.

The Conscious Mind which we use to take and create thought with, is only conscious of itself as Mind Consciousness ( I-Thought/Am-Feeling) while in its Egoic state. Without a conscious awareness of the true Self (Spirit-I/Soul-Am) to fulfil and guide it, it lives in and gives birth to illusion or maya, by rising in uninspired thoughts and feelings that retard the Subconscious (Human Soul) which of course is responsible for all physical manifestation. Hence, we give birth to abominations such as poverty and disease etc. Instead of the pure light of true Self flowing through the pure and tempered Human Soul (Subconscious), it flows through egoic filters and impurities, which the Conscious Mind witnesses and amplifies and of course recreates in a negative feedback-loop.

We know we have a Subconscious (Am). We know we have an emotional body. We as the Conscious Mind (I) are simply out of touch with them. Until we do become fully Conscious of all that is unconscious within our Human Soul (Subconscious) we will not be able to settle and purify it. This means it will keep rising in egoic thoughts and emotions which activate the mind, making it impossible to reflect true Self and any intuitive guidance offered within the Temple (Subconscious) The Mind both Consciously and subconsciously must come together as one, in a clear-like stillness of Being. When the Alpha (Spirit) can see itself clearly in the reflection of the Omega, Self-realization is experienced.

Understand that when the conscious mind (I)rises in thought it separates itself from the Subconscious, working alone if you like, rather than with it. This is a fractured consciousness which is akin to a broken car. You are not going to get far with it. The conscious mind, misidentified with itself rather than its true Spiritual Awareness will impregnate the Subconscious (Its own Soul) with its own separated dualistic and limited thoughts which the subconscious then manifests into the physical body both individually and collectively.

The Conscious Mind (I) is meant to sit in and be one with the Subconscious (Am) as the Subconscious is the door to the true Self from which intuitive guidance is derived. Intuition comes from the true Self as Spiritual Consciousness, though the Subconscious (Am - Human Soul) to be made conscious, (to give life to) by the Lamp of the World Aka Conscious Mind (I) that is ever Present as the Presence in its own Soul (Subconscious).

Eventually, as one season passes into another, the Conscious Mind becomes conscious of the fact, that it will only know the truth of its existence, once it stops looking for it in the mental realm, which is otherwise known as thinking or taking thought. Hence, the Son or Conscious Mind, tries meditation, (No thinking) in which he holds his mind as one single thought of Conscious Awareness in the moment, becoming ever conscious of his own awareness, the awareness of Now, the Awareness of Soul and the Presence of his own Spirit, for they sit in each other like Russian dolls.

This will first leg of the journey in Self Realization, the Conscious Mind begins to work in harmony with the Subconscious which many call the heart as it houses our emotional body. One begins to notice unconscious aspects of our beingness within the realms of effect as well as being the pure awareness or core of our Spiritual body aka Soul that we are to date unconscious of. So, to reiterate more simply, the emotional body sits within the awareness of Self and the Now which are one and the same - waiting the presence of the conscious mind to give it life or breath in order to heal. In order to heal the Human Soul, all we have to do is become conscious of and express what we have long buried.

Once the conscious mind settles down as one thought of meditative awareness, rather than a stream of thoughts which it loses itself in, it automatically becomes present in and as the Awareness of not only its own physical Soul but it's true Soul that animates it. When thought stops rising so does emotion. This gives the conscious mind time to notice redundant emotional patterns/core beliefs that can be let go of. Until we become conscious of emotional patterns that inhibit us, they

will continue to affect Effect.

"You gotta resurrect the deep pain within you and give it a place to live that's not within your body. Let it live in art. Let it live in writing. Let it live in music. Let it be devoured by building brighter connections. Your body is not a coffin for your pain to be buried in. Put it somewhere else."- Ehime Ora

With the conscious mind holding itself as one thought, it begins to merge with the Subconscious, often referred to as the heart, which is always in all ways present in and as the Moment. The now consciously aware mind becomes the perfect vessel to behold the Spiritual dimension of Being. Our true Self. We are liberated from the egoic mind in the realization of our true Self as Spiritual Consciousness.

~ Love Tracy

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