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The subconscious is the vessel for Soul. Everyones subconscious, when purified and tempered, collectively represents the Soul. The Soul is Present Moment Awareness. The Soul is the Now. Soul aka Awareness is the activity or expression of one's true and eternal Consciousness that is Spirit. One's conscious mind aka thought (mind consciousness) is the vessel for Spirit.

When the conscious mind aka thought, sits in the Present Moment Awareness of the subconscious, it becomes conscious of itself as this Awareness - as Soul. When this is realized the mind is raised up and filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition.

Pay attention to signs internally and externally - they really are your true Self communicating with you.

If you are wondering why the world is filled with corruption it is because your subconscious mind is corrupted from taking thought from the mental realm as opposed to being given thought from the Spiritual realm. This is due to one being unconscious of their true Consciousness as Spirit being Soul. When in the egoic mind set, one is only conscious of being Mind-Consciousness which is temporary (Temple), not Spiritual Consciousness which is eternal.

~ Tracy Pierce

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