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The Source of mind, is the ‘Awareness of Now’. Let me explain…

Your conscious mind is a wave that rolls out of the subconscious mind. The Conscious Mind is the vessel for the Incarnate-Son or Mind-Consciousness, which is your body or Self after and before physical incarnation. It is the witness, servant, or reflection, depending on your choice of words for our true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. The subconscious is the vessel for your Incarnate-Mind-Soul that in turn is a vessel or reflection of one's true and eternal Soul aka Awareness. The Incarnate Mind-Soul as both the conscious and subconscious mind is a reflection, vessel or servant for your true Self as Cause or Spirit Consciousness. I say reflected as the Incarnate Mind-Soul, is like your reflection in the mirror. It is not really you, but it is a reflection of you.

In order to align with your truth, with your true Self, one must as the conscious mind, stay present in one's Awareness as Soul multidimensionally. The only way this can be done is by being present in the NOW as the Now IS Awareness. The Now is the totality of all subconscious minds together. All is Mind.

The subconscious mind is always NOW. Likewise, the One true Soul which embodies the Incarnate Mind-Soul is always NOW. The present moment is literally a living entity as both your mind and heart. Everyone's Subconscious, including yours constitutes the Present Moment, for all is Mind. The NOW is the actual vessel or movement of the One Soul, that is guided by the Consciousness of both the Father (True & eternal Consciousness as Spirit) and the Son (Incarnate Mind-Soul).

By 'being' the Presence in Present Moment Awareness, you as the conscious mind (Your I am-ness) aligns with your own Soul Subconsciously within and as the Present Moment, which is the vessel for the One true Soul. The I (Conscious Mind) and the Am (Subconscious Mind) of your mind coming together and working as 'One', opens a channel for the true Self as I (Spirit) Am (True Soul), to flow through the open channel of your mind and out into the world.

The minute you, as thought, (Aka conscious mind), start thinking you lose consciousness of the present moment and the awareness of Soul. Thinking always takes one out of the reality of now and into an imagined reality of Now. Rising in thought through the process of thinking always renders the mind blind to the Spiritual Realm due to taking one out of the Soul itself - out of the Present Moment.

Therefore, do not let thought your mind rise into a stream of thought, for then consciousness becomes thinking as opposed to being in the moment. For example, if I asked you to focus here on this purple dot and not to take your focus, attention, or consciousness away from it for any reason, someone could come in, steal whatever is in the room and walk out again, without you ever noticing because your attention was elsewhere. So, it is with consciousness when it starts creating thought on its own. Its consciousness is in those thoughts - giving life to those thoughts, all the while it is oblivious or unconscious of its Temple where it should be focused and present in order to receive spiritual illumination. If the Conscious Mind which is responsible for creating thought does not sit in the moment outside of thinking, it will lose its way. It will give life to false images it took from the mental realm, rather than the true images given by the Spiritual Realm. Of course, life then in the physical represents the ego rather than our true Self as Spirit.

Your Consciousness as Mind, is your presence, your I am-ness. It is actually your temporary sense of I am-ness as it is only the vessel of your true Self as Spirit - your true and eternal Consciousness. Your presence as Mind, is meant to attend or give attention to your Subconscious Awareness which is the Now - the Soul of your Soul. Not imaginary thoughts, you yourself are conjuring up. The consciousness of mind is meant to merge with the Awareness of first the subconsciousness, (Incarnate Soul) then the Soul, which embodies one's Spirit. In this manner the Son (Mind-Consciousness) meets the Father (true eternal Consciousness/Spirit) through the mother (Soul)

If the Conscious Mind aka thought, has not aligned itself with its own Soul as the Subconscious which is the link to the One Soul being Spirit, you will try to create life via thinking from the mental realm that is limited and dual rather than being given intuition and revealing life from the Spiritual realm where our true Self as Conscious (Spirit- I) Awareness (Soul- Am) resides.

The nature and purpose of the mental realm is being the bridge between the Spiritual and the physical, therefore, must be polarized. The mind is where the invisible becomes visible so there must be two opposing forces in order to create physical life. We need a big bang so to speak. A bang big enough to create a spark. A big bang that signifies the beginning of physical life both collectively and individually. Only by knowing ourselves as Spirit can we escape being subject to the duality of the mental realm. If we identify with mind, then we will create from this realm instead of the Spiritual where our true Life and identity abide. We are Cause being effect. I am Cause that I am effect. However, in today's world we only know ourselves as effect which is form. The form of mind and body. Our Spiritual identify is not a true experience for most. It is a theory at best. Today's world is a reflection of the Egoic Mind that has created life from the Mental Realm in ignorance of itself Spiritually. Today's world does not reflect the true Mind that reflects Spirit.

The mind is where physical life is created, however do not mistake it for the creator of life itself. Spirit creates life, mind reveals it.

Therefore, in order to reveal the life of Spirit we must as Mind Consciousness, stop giving life to false images we create ourselves by rising in thought within the mental realm. We must be still mentally, keeping our Presence in our Awareness, which is always Now, first as the subconscious, whereby we heal our emotional body, while learning our purpose and intentions for this lifetime. Then as the One Soul itself which is the totality of all Being Now and which connects the Consciousness of Mind and the Consciousness of Spirit. In other words, we must 'be' Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am) that is guided and directed by our true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. We, as thought, must be in the moment AS the moment. In this way we give life to the Soul, rather than false images aka thoughts created from the Mental Realm. A still and conscious mind aka one thought means you are present in your temple of Awareness (Present Moment Awareness) rather than thought, allowing one to give life to the truth of Spirit, rather than the lies of Ego.

You must allow your Conscious Mind aka thought to become perfectly still so that it expands in the awareness of its own heartfelt Soul, rather than restricting itself by rising in thought outside its Temple of the Now, taking thoughts from the Mental Realm of duality and limitation, which is maya or illusion. If we attach any depth of feeling to these false images of our thoughts, then they run the risk of being manifested in the physical plane, which they often are, with one war after another throughout our history is testimony too.

Holding the right use of mind, is not done by using the Conscious Mind to judge and embody what is good over bad, but to stop judging altogether. As Eckhart Tolle points out "Every thought is a judgment.". The Ego cannot for long stop, or control thought as every addiction testifies too. Nor is the Ego capable of judging which thought is 'right' or 'good' due to its lack of Spiritual vision, therefore, it is better to surrender our Consciousness of Mind to our true Consciousness as Spirit that can do all these things as the Master of the Mind. We surrender our Consciousness as Mind to Spirit, by staying perfectly in the moment with one's Conscious Mind intuitively quiescent while subconsciously NOW.

By holding One thought, which is meditation, all other thoughts are starved, in the same way we stop hearing everyone else’s voice when we focus entirely on one person speaking. Keep your Consciousness Mind in its I am Now-ness aka Present Moment Awareness and Spirit will flow through the Consciousness of mind mastering it.

The reflected" I am" born in the image of Spirit as its vessel, and aka known as the Conscious Mind/Subconscious Mind, (Incarnate Mind-Soul) must dissolve into the real "I AM" that is Spirit (I) being Soul (Am), so that we may become One with our Self Spiritually. Our true name as "I am that I am" must be aligned as One in the totality of Life living Itself. Put another way; The "I am Effect" (Mind/body being Incarnate Mind-Soul) must become a pure reflection of I AM Cause (Spirit being Soul), so that they work as One, with Heaven Consciousness being the result. Only then are we liberated from being a servant to the Mind. Only then is the mind mastered.

~ Tracy Pierce

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