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You are as Soul, Awareness - the mind or Incarnate Soul is reflected awareness. I say reflected as the mind is like your reflection in the mirror. It is not really you but it is you.

In order to align with your truth, with your true Self or Soul, one as the conscious mind, must be and stay present in and as Awareness. The only way this can be done is by being present in the NOW as the Now IS Awareness.

The subconscious mind is always NOW. Likewise, the One true Soul which houses the Incarnate Soul is always NOW. The present moment is literally a living entity both inside and outside your own being. The NOW is the actual presence of the One Soul.

By staying consciously aware in the moment, you as the conscious mind (Your I am-ness) aligns with not only with your own Soul subconsciously but with the One true Soul. The minute you, as thought, as the conscious mind, start thinking you lose consciousness of the present moment and the awareness of Soul. Thinking always takes one out of the reality of now and into an imagined reality of Now.

Therefore, do not let thought your mind rise into a stream of thought, for then consciousness becomes thinking or to put another then consciousness becomes unconscious.

Consciousness is your presence, your I am-ness. Your presence is meant to attend or give attention to your Soul in and of Spirit not imaginary thought. The consciousness of mind is meant to merge with the Awareness of first the subconsciousness, (Incarnate Soul) then the Soul, which embodies one's Spirit. In this manner two become One.

If as an egoic mind or reflected consciousness, has not merged with the Soul of the subconscious that links to the One Soul, you will create thought from the mental realm that is limited and dual rather than the Spiritual realm where our true Self as Conscious (Spirit) Awareness (Soul) resides.

The nature of the mental realm being the bridge between the Spiritual and the physical must be polarized. The mind is where the invisible becomes visible so there must be two opposing forces in order to create physical life. We need a big bang so to speak. A big bang that signifies the beginning of physical life both collectively and individually. Only by knowing ourselves as Spirit can we escape being subject to the duality of the mental realm. If we identify with mind, then we will create from this realm instead.

The mind is where physical life is created, however do not mistake it for the creator of life itself. Spirit creates life, mind reveals it.

Therefore, in order to reveal the life of Spirit we must as mind stop creating life ourselves by rising in thought and be still mentally still, keeping our presence in our Awareness, in our Soul that is always present in the moment. A still and conscious mind aka thought means you are present in your temple of Awareness rather than thought, allowing one to become conscious of and experience one's Self as both the Incarnate Soul and the One Soul being NOW.

You must allow your conscious mind aka thought to become still so that it expands in awareness - its own heartfelt Soul, rather than restricting itself and rising in thought which is maya or illusion. If we attach any depth of feeling to these thoughts, these false images, then they have the risk of being manifested on the physical plane. Holding the right use of mind, is not done by using the conscious mind, which is thought to stop, or control thought or judge which thought is 'right' or 'good' but by staying perfectly in the moment with one's conscious mind intuitively quiescent while subconsciously NOW. By holding One thought, all other thoughts are starved, in the same way we stop hearing everyone else’s voice when we focus entirely on one person speaking.

The reflected" I" must dissolve into the real "I" so that we may become One with our Self both as mind (Incarnate Soul) and as mind revealing Soul being Spirit.

~Tracy Pierce

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