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Empty your mind of all thoughts by focusing on Present Moment Awareness. When the mind is focused it cannot rise into more than one thought, therefore stays meditative. All other thoughts in the ether, that are not self-created, are starved and die due to lack of attention. This is how you kill the mind. Moreover, while the mind holds a state that is singular in thought, attention merges with the awareness of the subconscious. The two minds then become one. This one mind that is now an alert awareness (attention + awareness = meditation aka alert awareness), then merges with the Awareness that is Soul. Once the mind is embodied by the Soul it is directed by Spirit - our true Self. Soul is the formless body of Spirit, or you could say that Awareness is the activity of Consciousness. This is how the true Self is realized. This is how the I of mind and the I of Spirit come together as One; through the am of the subconscious, present moment, and Soul.

To reiterate, becoming conscious as mind of being Awareness (Soul), means being so deeply present in the moment, you lose any personal sense of self and become the moment itself. Once you as the mind/Temple know your own Soul through the merging of the awareness of mind and soul, one's true Self as Spirit will enter the Temple of Mind, through the Soul as the Holy Ghost, giving you the realization of your eternal Being. From there on in you are guided by Spirit rather than the mind. In this manner the two I have joined as One. I am Spirit that I am mind.

If I could liken this state of meditative being to anything I would say, it is to imagine being transported to another planet that was completely new to you. Being new to this planet, you have no memories or expectations at all about what you were seeing - you are simply witnessing and experiencing everything as it is without wanting it to be any different. Implanted in your heart would be a guide that speaks to you as a silent knowing that 'feels' right. This silent knowing is experienced in a myriad of different ways depending on the vessel or person receiving it. All that is required is for you to keep your mind empty of noise so that it can be heard. Some receive this intuition clairvoyantly, some are clairsentient, some are clairaudient and some claircognizant like me. Some are all three and some have entirely different modes of understanding and expressions.

Furthermore, Spirit guides us indirectly through the Soul which of course constitutes all beings and non-beings in and as the present moment. For instance, a rock may fall from a mountain blocking our path, delaying our journey so that we arrive at a time that sees us missing a flight that crashed killing all on board. Life knows how to live itself and you are part of that Self.

"Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done" - Genisis 2: 1 – 3

Life aka Soul being Spirit knows what it is doing. Life has already been mapped out long before your mind and body came into existence. All the mind need do is reveal the truth of being - not create it. If the mind does try to create life via thinking due to not knowing itself as Spirit, it will block, destroy, delay or distort the pure light flowing through it to be manifested into the world. The ego often superimposes its idea of happiness onto of what its Soul has already mapped out for it which is why we see ourselves as mind often working against ourselves as Spirit, with the outcomes being disease, lack, poverty, war etc. These are all manifestations of ego getting in the way of Spirit.

Therefore, in order to experience your best life, a life you were intended to live, hold yours focus present within your beingness of the Now, let the mind in its quiescence reveal your Soul and purpose for being here. Let your relaxed and meditative mind lead you to the Spirit of All Being. Hold a meditative mind that serves your Spirit rather than a thinking mind that serves your ego aka mind.

~ Tracy Pierce

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