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You cannot use ones will, to control the mind for each thought has a will of its own and its own corresponding emotion. One thought and its strength of emotion may have power over another for a time, however that time is often spent precariously teetering on the edge of an equal and opposite thought that will sabotage your best intentions. For example, the cigarette addict that dearly wants to give up smoking for various reasons does for a time. However, that time is spent resisting an equal and opposite thought with as much strength of will that another thought/feeling wants to smoke. Can you see how the mind chases its own tail in the realm of duality?

Your mind is the problem. You cannot fix the problem with the same mind that created it. One must rise above mentalism into Spiritualism and invite our true intelligence into every aspect of our lives, from our finances, our relationships to our health and well-being. In fact, on every level of being.

We do this by surrendering our mind and heart to the present moment that is always outside of dualistic thought. We focus our mind on the present moment with as much heartfelt emotion as we can. In other words, we learn to love the moment we are in - unconditionally and with no expectations. Simply love the for what it is. The quietness and inner stillness of mind found in this present and pristine state intensifies as our consciousness expands outside the mental realm so that even when the moment, we are in is chaotic, we can at our core remain at peace. ‘

By surrendering the thinking mind to the inner stillness of one's Spirit we are guided through knowing/faith, intuition, instinct, synchronicity, and serendipity. We will be able to see with a clarity we never had before. It is akin to being in a warehouse sitting on a still under a light and all you can see is darkness, when over time one light after another comes on lighting up the whole warehouse. All those shadows that you misinterpreted before now come to light and you see clearly. The mind no longer lives in the dark or in fear.

This quietens the mind so significantly that when intuition speaks it is clear and powerful, rather than being lost in individual and collective (world) thought. Staying in the moment disconnects us from the Matrix and reconnects us to Spirit. In this Present Moment State Spirit is made manifest in the physical rather than the minds idea of what Spirit is. Whatever the mind embodies or is conscious of it creates in the physical. If it is only conscious of itself as thoughts, then that is what is manifested. If it is conscious of itself as Spirit, then the fruits of Spirit are manifested. Only a still mind can receive and manifest the gifts of Spirit. A thinking mind manifests itself for the Inner I is used to create thought rather than channel Spirit.

Where your conscious mind or Inner I is resting if of utmost importance to your level of consciousness. Whatever it gives its attention to it breathes life into. It can give life to its own thought by thinking or it can give life to Spirit by holding a meditatively intuitive mind that is not only one with itself but one with all life living itself.

The Present Moment is a portal of sorts that the Inner I sits in and loses itself, only to find itself again as the true Self; Soul being Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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