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What stands between you and the perfect moment, is your thoughts about it. Your ideas and beliefs, your expectations and conditions. Drop them all through practicing Present Moment Awareness and watch even your worst nightmare of this moment morph slowly but surely into a dream in which you are lucid, not asleep.

Thoughts, beliefs and concepts etc are like rocks in a river causing rapids that drown the true Mind. The river needs to be calm and clear within the Human Soul Aka Subconscious, so that the true Self as the I am of the Alpha (Spirit) can see itself in the I am of the Omega (Mind/body), thereby bringing about Self-Realization.

Once the Self is realized the mind settles down into its true nature within the Still Waters of the Soul, allowing for the flow of Spirit to connect with its instrument Aka Conscious Mind or Son, delivering its daily bread Aka intuitive guidance. The Son then impregnates the Subconscious (Human Soul) with true images rather than false images, giving birth to the Divine Idea or Word in the flesh.

~ Love Tracy

See some songs as a chance to meditate or commune with Spirit.

Every romantic to me, is a song from me to Thee Aka Thy True Self.

Keep doing this until communion turns into union . For instance...

The reason this works so well is because music has the ability to open the heart chakra.

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