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Accepting the moment as it is without judgment (thought) or desire (feeling) to have it any different is a discipline one begins to master once one becomes conscious of the need to do so. One will be made more conscious throughout the day to stay within one's temple of Present Moment Awareness.

Spirit (One's true Consciousness) directs Soul (Awareness) that imbues the subconscious mind to make conscious the conscious mind aka vessel for Spirit. This is done either directly through intuition or indirectly through outwardly signs.

The mind has free will in illusion, but it has none in reality. The mind is not the doer. Spirit is.

Accepting the moment does not amount to accepting the situation you are in. On the contrary - it is accepting the moment as it is (knowing you have no option anyway) and doing your best fully conscious and present in it.

The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the now - Gita Bellin

There is no better way to conduct your life than staying fully present in the moment. This discipline is the best of the best. Life cannot ask more from you. If you do not like the moment/situation you are in, then change it as you are inspired to do, while staying fully present, fully conscious in the now. If your consciousness as mind is absent in the awareness (activity) of Now, due to being present in thought (illusion) you as consciousness will not be conscious of any inspiration given you. One must stay present within their awareness of being and the moment. In other words, if you are not home in your temple for Spiritual instruction, you will not be guided to still waters. Instead, you will be following a path away from your truth as directed by the ego.

Tuition from within (intuition) is like tuition at school. One must pay attention (conscious - present and accounted for) in order to learn.

Keep the practice of mindfulness up and it won't be long before you wouldn't change a single moment for the world. Let your only goal be to live this moment as present as possible (meaning out of thought) and the future will take care of itself. The only reason you had so much trouble in the first place is because you were following the mind rather than Spirit.

Let your Spiritual practice be bringing as much of yourself - your attention to the moment as you can. Honestly - nothing else matters. This is the fundamental practice of all Self-realized Beings. This IS the ACTUAL way. You really have no idea how important being in Present Moment Awareness (Temple) is. It is pivotal. Present Moment Awareness is an actual interdimensional portal.

The world is no place for egoic idealism. You have to get real with yourself, get out of your head and into the moment of Now. Thoughts created by a mind unconscious of itself as Spirit are false and will create false physical manifestations such as lack, sickness, and limitation. The only way to become conscious of yourself as Spirit is with the being mind - not the thinking one.

Believing the truth is not enough. You must know the truth. You will never know the truth through thought or theory. The only way to know the truth is outside of thinking in the reality of Now. Then you will know., rather than theorize or think you know.

~ Tracy Pierce

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