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The heart referred to here is the subconscious which is one's Present Moment Awareness.

The subconscious is what is often referred to as the true mind as it it the mind that reincarnates until it merges with the whole from whence it came.

Contained within the subconscious is the karma and purpose for this lifetime as well as the unresolved issues created with from this lifetimes ego.

We polish the heart by keeping our conscious mind aka thought deep within it holding a meditative state or a singular mind. If the mind divides itself into two or more thoughts, it rises out of its temple of Present Moment Awareness and into illusion/ Maya.

It must stay within the subconscious/Present Moment Awareness to make conscious all that is unconsious and bring healing to it - allowing the conscious (I) and subconscious (Am) mind to rest in peace together.

Once the mind is made whole again it becomes a channel for the true Self allowing the mind to be guided by intuition rather than its thoughts which are nothing more than judgements.

~ Tracy Pierce

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