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Disillusionment with one's mind, must precede enlightenment of Spirit. Until life gives us reason to question our existence, we generally don't, unless we were born too. And life always does, doesn't it - give us reason to ponder our understanding of love, truth and God. All of us inevitably and invariably at some point question the ontological reality of our being, particularly in times of great trial like sickness and possible death.

Death of mind and body visits us all, therefore, if one equates their sense of existence with them, they will suffer.

The mind is a double-edged sword that offers up the most wonderful of dreams yet the worst nightmares imaginable. So long as one continues to take thought and create life from the mental realm, (As opposed to the Spiritual Realm) one is subject to the universal mind, which is highly alluring and hypnotic as it is terrifying and malignant. The Collective aka Universal Mind - also called the Matrix is a double-edged sword and the cause of all our suffering. It is definitely something worth unplugging from. One does this with mindfulness which is moving meditation. In other words, by staying in the moment as the flow of Life. Not in the flow. As it. You don't have a life. You are life.

Mentalism though impressive is nowhere near as impressive as Spiritualism. Moreover, Spiritualism has no side-effects. Excuse the pun. Mentalism does. You cannot know good without also knowing bad when led from Mind. When led from and AS Spirit, you come from a place of Oneness and love. The right state of mind is all that is needed to know Thy Self beyond the mind/body.

Know there are two types of thought: There is self-generated thoughts whereby you as the Inner I of Mind (Ones sense of existence) creates thought which means your consciousness as mind, lives in them and as them. The Inner I which is your sense of existence is what creates thought. Maharshi called it the I-thought. This is why you feel you are your thoughts. However, the Inner I is merely an instrument for the true Self behind it. If ones Inner I looked behind itself, (By being still) instead of using the eyes of flesh to look outside of itself, it will know Thy Self as Spirit rather than just a mind/body.

Then there are all the other thoughts your brothers and sisters have created in the same manner as you. Their thoughts like yours have been created and are out there in the universal Ether for us to pick up like a radio station picks up radio waves it is attuned too. Like always attracts like, just like opposites do. Your thoughts will attract other thoughts if your mind like everyone else's is looking outwards rather than inwards. We are all cells of the One Mind.

Bear in mind whatever Consciousness of Mind is conscious of, it gives life too. If your Consciousness is in egoic thought, it will give life to that. If you as Consciousness are conscious of your own Awareness (one's Soul) then you give life to that instead. Your heartfelt focus is the power of the Gods. Wherever you direct it, you direct life. Awareness directs life, not mind consciousness even though mind consciousness is not conscious of this. It is not conscious of this because it is not looking at Awareness. It is looking outside itself, not inside itself.

You will have heard of crowd mentality, whereby people act in a way that is completely against their character or what they would do if alone. This is because in truth we are One and that oneness is stronger than our individuality. This is also true Spiritually, which is what makes the universal mind so powerful and hard to overcome. We are not just battling our own mind but everyone's mind that is part of the matrix. As mind you will never conquer yourself as mind. One must rise above the mind to Awareness by becoming Present Moment Awareness. Only Soul being Spirit can master the mind.

So long as we create thought for ourselves, we will remain plugged into the universal mind or matrix, therefore subject to it. The universal mind or matrix is the entire mental realm turned outwards rather than inwards. In other words, the whole world is in an Egoic state of mind. For in truth there is only one mind, one Spirit, one body.

Our connection to the universal mind is why some of the loveliest people, get cancer. They don't deserve it. No one deserves to become ill and suffer. No one! Yet we do because we all partake of the universal mind - the matrix in which all world belief and behaviour create the one mind that births the one body of the world from the one strongest belief. The mental realm will reflect what is held in it. For example, cancer. Cancer is one cell that no longer recognizes its DNA/RNA - it is no longer connected to its Source or that which created it, therefore, begins to act alone like an individual - unaware of the body it serves and is one with. Cancer reflects how we live today. We do not recognize our Spirit - our Source; therefore, we do not recognize our oneness with each other or the body of the world. Because of this disconnect, we work individually against each other. Can you see now why cancer is displayed in our lives as a physical reality? Never personalize cancer. Never believe it is because of something you have personally done. Cancer like all illnesses both physical and mental are a result of being plugged into the Matrix or Universal Mind that is predominately disconnected to its Source - its origins. You are NOT a person. This person you call yourself in your avatar - it is not you. You are Spirit which is impersonal. You do not have a life. You are life living itself. Now rise in recognition of this by opting out of the universal mind. One does this by staying present in the moment and absent in thought.

You know yourself how compelling thought can be as an individual. The universal mind is that a hundred billion times more so. Even the most enlightened, are still subject to it by small degree. It is a mass delusion. However, you can break free. People do. One by one as each person awakens the Universal Mind will go from being Egoic to embodying the Christ, Zen or Buddha Mind.

As already outlined, one does this by being Present Moment Awareness. This means the I Presence that you as Mind are, stays in the moment, which is the (Am) Subconscious/Soul, until the I of Mind merges with the I of Spirit. In other words, stay as deeply present in the moment until you become the Presence of the moment. Until two become One. When you disconnect to your own egoic thoughts by practicing mindfulness, you disconnect to the universal ego/mind. Meditation and mindfulness which is moving meditation is the correct state of mind to be had, all the time. This is expressed by a silent, quiescent, and intuitively receptive mind that falls into the depths of its own Soul.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my Soul - John Muir

~ Tracy Pierce

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