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The Consciousness of mind is a temporary effect - a transitory Temple or dwelling place that is not to be confused - though always is - with one's true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit/Cause. You do not want to create life as an Effect (Mind) pretending (innocently) to be Cause. A mind which formulates false images taken from the mental Realm (Thinking mind) only resists the natural flow of Life unfolding. Rather the temporary I am Consciousness that is the Mind, is meant to reveal life being the instrument of Spirit. Spirit is Cause. Only the Being mind serves Cause. The thinking mind, which mistakes itself for Cause, can only serve a personal sense of Self due to being Spiritually blind.

If you were to strip back everything about yourself, right down to your very core, you would be left as Nonconceptual Consciousness (I) being Undifferentiated Awareness (Am). This is the true Self - the true and eternal I am that is the infinite formlessness known as Cause. This is what one must become conscious of being, so that misidentification with Effect - with the Consciousness of mind is given up or let go.

The purpose of life is to realize this true self so that we might live joyfully and abundantly while free from suffering. This can only be done when we know ourselves as Cause being Effect. At the moment we only know ourselves as Effect (mind/body) imagining we are Cause/Creator.

The consciousness of mind should not be used as Cause. It should not be used to create life via thought, even though it is endowed with the ability to do so since it is technically - Consciousness, albeit a temporary reflection or Effect of it. Technically also, the subconscious being a vessel of Awareness (Soul) is likewise endowed with the ability to manifest life when impregnated by Mind Consciousness and does so often. This does not mean it should. The subconscious being Awareness, always does the bidding of Consciousness - being the activity or body of it. It cannot tell the difference between the (Son) Mind and Spiritual (Father) Consciousness. To the Subconscious they are one and the same.

Even though you are in the world as effect (mind and body), you are not of the world as Cause/Spirit that is formless. Cause is an aspect of your Being that you have forgotten and must remember, least you continue to live as Effect only. An Effect that fears its death due to not knowing itself as Cause. It is a literal rebel without a Cause. One must come to know themselves as Cause in order to truly be effective in Life. Effect cannot govern itself. This is clearly demonstrated daily by almost every member of our species that is unrealized and cut off from their Spiritual truths and guidance.

Unless we realize the true Self soon, the misguided and empty vessel that is the Consciousness of Mind, will in its Spiritual blindness, lead us all to our own destruction.

All Being, as the essence of Awareness, strictly speaking is undifferentiated irrespective of appearances. There is the appearance of many Souls but in truth all these Souls are One Soul. Soul works always as One unless misdirected by the egoic Consciousness, acting personally while ignorant of itself as Cause.

As the activity or body of Consciousness, Awareness is the omnipresent and omniscient movement of Life. It is Soul. It is Love. It is the formless body of Spirit aka Consciousness. The One true Soul embodies the 'apparent' evolution of the temporary and personal Consciousness of mind while, as Effect, it realizes and aligns with its Oneness as Cause - as Spiritual Consciousness. Life is always harmonizing itself as Cause and Effect.

When incarnating, the Localized or Personal Consciousness beholds a certain aspect of Awareness/Soul, claiming it is his own Soul temporarily, then expressing it in the physical as the Subconscious being Present Moment Awareness - in which it lives, breathes and has its being. As Cause, one has dominion over all Effect, however Cause is impersonal, never personal. Therefore, if you do not know yourself as Cause - the Impersonal, you have no dominion over anything other than your own subconscious.

The subconscious is the physical demonstration - the activity of everything in the mental and physical worlds. The Subconscious awareness of mind is physically demonstrated, along with everyone else's, as the Present Moment - the Now in which we all experience our world - our shared reality in and of effect. All is Mind. The Conscious mind is either like a wave that rolls out of this Subconscious Awareness, through the act of thinking or remains motionless and still within the Awareness of the moment - of itself, as the Conscious Witness and bringer of Light.

Know Thy self as One, being both Consciousness (I) being Awareness (Am) . Be always conscious of Thy Self as Awareness as it is only through the Soul that the consciousness of effect and Cause come together as One or put another way, it is the only way for Cause to reflect a pure image onto and into Effect without the impurity of ego distorting its demonstration.

Here is an analogy that might help bring understanding between these two aspects of your existence - You may walk into a room and not be conscious of someone that is threatening; however, you might be aware there is a threat. It is felt. You feel something is wrong, but you cannot think what, Awareness is felt. Consciousness is thought. Consciousness is intelligence and Awareness is Love. Love is the true reflection of true intelligence.

The million-dollar question when all is said and done, is how conscious are you of being Awareness? Understanding Awareness is not an object but an activity within your own Consciousness. Awareness is Soul. It is the door through which your Consciousness as mind and your true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit align. It is the Now. Are you as the Consciousness of Mind, in the present moment or are you absent from your Temple. daydreaming - lost in your thoughts? Your answer determines your ability to clearly see the reality of Life.

~ Tracy Pierce

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