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Where does thought come from if not derived from one's own Consciousness of Spirit? All these thoughts floating around in our mind and in the ether have to have come from somewhere, so where?

Thought is created by the vessel of Consciousness created by one's true Self as Spirit, that only knows itself as the conscious mind, therefore takes or creates thought from the mental realm of thinking, as opposed to the Spiritual realm of being when it comes to conducting life. If the mind knew itself as Spirit, it would be in the moment. It does not, therefore it thinks in the moment instead, creating a radically different reality in the physical to the one replanned before birth as Spirit.

The vessel of Consciousness aka mind, was created in the image of our Spirit therefore like Spirit, knows itself as I AM - only it isn't. It is a reflection of Spirit. I am that I am. I am spirit being Soul that is conscious mind being subconscious mind. Only Spirit cannot be mind until the temple (mind) is made ready and is able to consciously embody Spirit by becoming consciously aware of it.

Worse yet, when consciousness rises in the act of thinking, one's consciousness is no longer present in its own temple of awareness. It has risen into illusion and is creating life rather than revealing it as Spirit. We have to keep the mind unleavened. Unrisen and in a state of being that is contusive to Spirit flowing through it and out into the world.

The temple is the subconscious, which the conscious mind must sit awaiting the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. The subconscious not only sit in the moment but IS the moment. It also holds the door through which intuition flows from Spirit to Soul and from Soul to Incarnate Soul (subconscious mind) where it is made conscious by the conscious mind that commands the subconscious to manifest in the physical. One is either conscious of being thought or conscious of being Spirit that works through thought aka mind.

To reiterate and simplify, the egoic mind is a conscious mind (thought) that has risen out of the subconscious/present moment into its own illusions and objects of thought. Having risen out of its temple it is no longer conscious of itself as Spirit which unifies all being and non-being. It then lives a separated and limited existence in ignorance.

These thoughts created by a mind that has ignorantly gone rogue is collectively held within the universal mind along with everyone else's. In fact, the universal mind is an amalgamation of thoughts of the One mind made by many. These thoughts are telepathically experienced by each and every one of us who is plugged into the One Mind by thinking. We attract thoughts akin to our own. These are the thoughts that knock on the door of our temple asking for our attention, which we more often than not, give. We follow these thoughts out into the world which means we have left our temple and no longer are guided by Spirit but egoic thought.

Often the thoughts we have our not our own, but thoughts derived from the Universal mind or consciousness, even though we do not realize this.

In conclusion then, thought is twofold. Firstly, we create our own thoughts by letting our consciousness/mind/thought to rise into a legion of thoughts that distract our consciousness and secondly, we accept other people's thoughts floating around in the ether like our own, not realizing they are not our thoughts, but world thought picked up like a radio station picks up waves.

The way to be rid of our own thoughts and universal thought is to focus our mind on awareness - on being conscious of being Awareness. This is the mind sitting in the Soul which is guided by one's true Intelligence as Spirit. This is the way the vessel of mind (us) is filled with the Holy Spirit - through the mother aka Love which cleanses us and opens our Inner I.

The subconscious is part of the present moment. Everyone's totality of the subconscious constitutes the present moment, which is the vessel for Soul, like the conscious mind is the vessel for Spirit. I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am Subconscious. I am that I am. One must abide in the present moment outside of thinking if one is to experience their true Self as Spirit. If it is theory, you are after then think away but if you want the actual experience of Spirit you must die of the mind and be born again of Spirit, and this requires a still and silent mind.

Beginners often practice keeping the mind single and focused by focusing on their breath or a candle, however this discipline always leads to being conscious of being aware in the moment, which is a non-objective experience as the Soul aka Awareness is an activity, not an object. In other words, it is meditating but without an object, which is basically mindfulness. Simple be aware without judging anything or thinking and that is meditating. By focusing our mind as ONE thought, we starve the egoic mind, through lack of attention to self and universal thoughts.

~ Tracy Pierce

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