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All I know is that I used to be blind, but now I can see!" - John 9:25

The beggar in this verse learned to see with the Inner I (Conscious mind that was once blind) rather than the outer eyes.

The truth of your BEING is revealed once you stop using the mind/Senses to search for Truth, for it is conscious mind - the inner I that Spirit uses to flow through, ONLY while it is resting in the Awareness of Soul. Our Spirit cannot use our mind if we (as the mind) are using it instead.

Thinking takes the conscious mind out of the moment - out of one's own Spiritual Awareness, where every other multidimensional aspect of your being resides. Thinking takes one out of its own temple, ensuring it is absent when intuition arrives to guide our being.

The conscious mind being a reflection of our true Spirit - our true and full consciousness, gives life to whatever it is conscious of or present in. If it is present in its own thoughts that were created outside of Awareness or its own Soul, then it will give life to these false thoughts. If the conscious mind is present in its own Awareness, then it gives life to Soul, its true Being.

Effectively we are either giving our life to egoic thoughts or we are giving life to our Soul which is embodied by our true Consciousness in and of Spirit. The blind man gives life to his own thoughts that are separated from its own Soul. The man with sight gives life to Spirit via the Soul.

Once we no longer live by bread (thought that is leavened) alone, we shall be led by bread by Spirit that feeds us through an unleavened mind - as in not risen. The bread of Spirit being Soul, leads us intuitively, instinctively and with synchronicity, serendipity, and inspiration. I say the latter three as when we live consciously in Awareness, we are guided by the Oneness of Soul which is One with all other Souls, guiding them to help us achieve our highest good and us to theirs. For instance, if we want a car space at a certain time, Spirit will direct the Soul to ensure there is one, through working through all other souls to make ready a car space, whether these Souls are conscious of this or not. Generally, not.

The all-knowing Spirit of our true Self guides us through the Awareness of Soul, with a Faith that allows us to know exactly what to do, say, think or be in each moment of the now. There is no need to take thought when one is not separated from their own Awareness, their own Soul which is one with all other Souls and beings in creation. Awareness always feeds the conscious mind, which in turn allows the conscious mind to impregnate the subconscious (The part of Soul that it has a consciousness of) awareness to bring forth physical life.

Man shall not live by. bread (thought) alone, but by every word that. proceeded out of the mouth (inner I) of God (true Self) ~ Matthew 4:4

~ Tracy Pierce

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