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The conscious mind commands the body, and the body obeys.

The mind commands the mind and meets resistance. Naturally, as one thought cannot for very long command another. Likewise with emotion.

The Spirit commands the conscious mind, and the conscious mind is oblivious. It is oblivious, as while the conscious mind is present in itself; in thought, it is absent in its own subconscious (Temple of awareness - Present Moment Awareness), which means it will not be conscious of itself as Spirit nor the fruits of Spirit such as intuition, peace etc.

The Spirit commands the Soul, and she always obeys. The Soul commands the higher subconscious which is the door to both the conscious mind and the lower subconscious mind, and she obeys. This is how the conscious mind is made aware of what it becomes conscious of as thought. The conscious mind then commands the lower subconscious, which it has dominion over due to being conscious of this part of the Soul. Every incarnation sees the mind or vessel of Soul/Spirit have more and more dominion over the vessel of Soul due to becoming more and more conscious.

Bear in mind also the whole of the present moment is the vessel for Soul which Spirit works though to affect our lives. Moreover, besides being unconsciously guided intuitively, when one is disconnected to Spirit like a branch cut off from the Vine, one learns through the karmic attributes of Soul to be still rather than take thought.

The only part of one's being out of alignment, and unaware is the conscious mind.

Perversely the only part of our being that is not truly conscious is our conscious mind aka thought. The conscious mind is our Inner I or Third I as some like to call it. This Inner I is either serving the mind aka itself by the creation of thought or it is serving Spirit by holding itself in a meditative state. While thinking it is unconscious of itself as Spirit, while being it becomes conscious of itself Spiritually.

The thinking conscious mind while not aligned with itself Spiritually is responsible for all the mayhem you see in your life and the lives of all you are conscious of. Once the thinking mind returns to its natural being state, so does the world revert back to its true reflection of Spirit, which is peace, harmony, and togetherness.

When the conscious mind settles down in harmony with the subconscious, becoming a channel/Temple, it allows for the Spirit of Truth aka Intuition to come through and command the mind which in turn commands the body. without the interference of thoughts that sully the flow, demonstration, and manifestations of Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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