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Likewise with meditation which is the true nature of the mind. You do not learn to meditate. Rather one takes away that which disturbs the natural meditation of mind which is taking/creating thought. Thought was meant to be given through the stillness of the Inner I. The Inner I is what we use to take/create thought, so clearly, we must pick our master: Spirit or Mind.

Excessive thinking, whereby we react to outside stimuli via the senses is a bad habit that can be changed through mindfulness and meditation. Habits are dropped and reformed through discipline and constant repetition. Therefore, hold you mind as one thought of Awareness, in which you are witnessing the world without judging or trying to manipulate it. Every time the mind tries to divide itself into more than one thought, bring it back home to being one thought. Keep repeating until the mind learns to stay in the present moment as one thought of Awareness. The Awareness of the Subconscious will eventually merge with the true Awareness of the Soul, allowing true images or thoughts to manifest in mind via the stillness of the Inner I. The quality and quantity of thought changes to how you experience it now.

After approximately 3 months or more of constant and conscious discipline the Subconscious will pick up this new habit allowing the conscious mind to rest in peace.

True thought Aka Faith cannot be given from the I of Spirit if the I of Mind is busy creating its own (False images). This is because Spirit projects itself onto mind as a reflection. The reflection cannot be absorbed upon a mind that is busy any more than you can see your face in a muddy disturbed pond. Only once the mud has settled can you see your reflection.

"Be still and know that I am" - Psalm 46:10

~ Love Tracy

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