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We are 3 dimensional Beings: Spirit, Mind, Body. The true Self is Spirit living through the mind/body. Therefore, anyone that has realized the Self in measure, knows everything One is conscious of is that One.

The Ego is only being conscious of yourself as Mind/Body without the experiential understanding of being Spirit or Being Cause living through the Effect of Mind/Body. I say experiential because theory is not enough. People have theorized about Spirit for thousands of years and it has got them nowhere fast. This realization MUST be experienced. The Truth must be an activity (Awareness) in your Consciousness.

The Ego cannot keep you safe because it is the Ego that puts you in danger. When you travel this world Spiritually blind as the Ego does, you do not see everyone as Thy Self, you do not see every creature as Thy Self, you do not see the world and everything in it as Thy Self. You do not see the Universe - as Thy Self. All you see is MY self while comparing, contrasting and judging yourself against others, leaving one feeling either superior or inferior. Neither is a good look.

Egos are incapable of seeing beyond the physical and mental appearance to the Unmanifest Spirit beyond the form, because they have no Spiritual vision. They cannot see those in pain, those who cause others pain, is because they are cut off from their good, from their own Spirit. Therefore, rather than help them they condemn them, not realizing they are condemning them for what they are guilty of themselves - which is being unconscious of themselves Spiritually.

_ Tracy Pierce

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