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You are in truth Nonconceptual Consciousness aka Spirit being Undifferentiated Awareness aka Soul. The Soul being pure love is the expression of Spirit which is our true intelligence. This is the true Self. The true and eternal I am.

The incarnate Mind-Soul is the Son, or a reflection born in the image of the true and eternal I Am. The Conscious (I)Awareness (Am) of the Son is a reflection of the Consciousness and Awareness of the true Self. I am that I am. The Son is the vessel for the Father in the physical when the Son has realized the Father within himself. The incarnate Mind-Soul gives rise to the Conscious Mind (I) and Subconscious Mind (Am) in the physical. The Conscious Mind (thought) is a vessel and reflection of Spirit, while the subconscious is a vessel and reflection of the Soul (emotion). The Incarnate Mind-Soul, which has no life of its own, being a vessel of the true Self, is composed of both Spirit and Soul or Consciousness and Awareness. Each lifetime sees the Incarnate Mind-Soul become closer and closer to reflecting the true image of its parents, the One true Spirt Being Soul. The nature of consciousness to create and love.

If the Incarnate Mind-Soul identifies as mind/body within the physical, it is going to run into problems. It will create life with the mind using the mental realm as opposed to revealing life from the Causative or Spiritual realms.

The mind, which is both Consciousness and Awareness, being the image of the true self is considered the false Self as it is but a reflection of the true Self in much the same way your reflection in the mirror is you, but it is not really you. It was born in your image, so that you might know yourself in form. You do not need this image however to know I am.

Consciousness aka (I) is considered male energy, while Awareness aka Soul (Am) is considered female energy. Likewise, the Conscious mind is considered male energy and represents our intelligence that is thought while the Subconscious represents female energy and represents love that is felt.

And God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him, male and female - Genesis 1:26

Spirit gives birth to the Soul, the Soul to the Incarnate Soul, the Incarnate Soul to the subconscious and the subconscious to the conscious mind. This is how Consciousness aka Spirit morphs itself into physical being. Ultimately, it is the subconscious and unconscious within mind that brings both experience and awareness to the conscious mind. Once conscious this experience - this awareness becomes a physical reality. As we become more conscious our awareness in turn expands. in other words, we become more conscious of ourselves as Soul - as the only true reality there is.

We believe however it is the Conscious Mind that through experience, informs and expands our Awareness of the Subconscious Mind/Soul/Present Moment which are all differentiations of the Soul. It does, however very slowly and with much suffering. The unrealized conscious mind also feeds the subconscious false images, false thoughts that both defile the Temple while damaging one emotionally causing what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the pain body. This is why when we learn to meditate, we must first tackle the pain body - face it and heal it. Otherwise, our mind cannot truly be at peace. We must be at peace emotionally as well as in thought. Both the I and the Am must come together in harmony, working as one whole. . It is only when the Consciousness of the Conscious mind and the awareness of the Subconscious Mind merge that conscious awareness as the Incarnate Mind-Soul expands and is able to be used as a channel by the true and eternal Consciousness (I) being Awareness (Am).

The higher mind, as the subconscious or what some call the heart intuitively receives spiritual light by its very presence in and as the Incarnate Soul sitting within the One true and eternal Soul. The One Soul being an expression or activity of Spirit. Intuition then is at first unconscious until the Conscious mind becomes conscious of it. Once intuition is made conscious it is then mechanically, through thought, processed from Knowing aka Faith to knowledge. The Conscious mind does all the analysing before the subconscious processes and then manifests or demonstrates this intuition in the physical world. If the conscious mind is not working as One with the subconscious, the mind as a whole cannot be a clear conduit for Spirit. The true Mind called the Christ, Buddha or Zen Mind is the Conscious Mind that sits still within the Subconscious, both representing Present Moment Awareness. This is the Temple that channels and aligns with the true Self.

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. - CORINTHIANS 5:8

This quote means that the Conscious mind aka thought, is sitting in and as Present Moment Awareness awaiting intuition direction from Spirit, rather than giving its Presence to form. If the mind is not conscious of itself as Awareness (the Soul being Spirit or the Lord so to speak) then it will believe itself to be the true Self and will act as the creator rather than the witness. The Mind identified as form, will create life from the mental realm as opposed to revealing it from the Spiritual Realm. The ego, therefore, will be limited to just the knowledge of the mind and body, - to just the physical and mental realms of being. Thereby creating false images (thoughts) that in turn are manifested into our physical reality such as disease poverty etc. They are false images as they were created by a mind cut off from its life as Truth - as Spirit. These false images are created from a mind present in the mental realm (Thought) and absent in the Spiritual Realm (Being).

To reiterate the major difference between a false and true image is false images are born of the mental realm of duality, while true images are born of the Spiritual Realm of Oneness.

Mind IS effect, let us be clear about this. It was born in the image of the true Self so is not the true Self which is Cause. Likewise, the Incarnate Mind-Soul is Effect, being the Vessel for Cause. The One true Spirit being Soul is Cause.

When the mind has no conscious awareness of itself as Spirit, it cannot create from the Spiritual realm. The mind cannot think what it does not know. Consequently, Effect (mind or thought) is creating effect (mind or thought). Thought is creating thought. There is no Spirit or Soul behind these false images' aka thoughts. This is why Jesus said let the dead bury the dead. It would be like your reflection creating a world of its own in the land of mirror. That life can only last for as long as you - Life, you - the true Self is standing in front of said mirror. Where is the truth or the life in that? Your own reflection when you stand in the mirror has no life of its own. It dies when you step away from the mirror. Life is eternal. Spirit is eternal. Matter also is eternal. However, the forms matter assumes are not eternal. They are transitory. To identify and become attached to that which is not eternal is incur suffering. One must view the mind and body as a costume change only and this can only be done with one experientially knows and identifies with Cause and effect rather than just Effect.

You will finish reincarnating once the Effect perfectly matches the Cause. However, even then you may and often do choose to come back to teach and facilitate the realization of the whole which of course is you also for there is only One Mind, One Body, One Spirit and One Soul. Many people still identify only as the Effect without knowing themselves as Causes.

The mind, in its ignorance, in its 'seemingly' separation from its true Self, has fabricated a story about itself and the body that simply is not true even though the outside world in its physicality acts like testimony to this truth due to these false images being manifested in the physical. Whatever the mind holds within itself as true it will manifest in the physical, even if that truth is a false image - a lie created from the Mental Realm as opposed to the Spiritual Realm. The outside world in large part is made and based on lies - on false egoic images. This is why we see health & sickness, life & death, one day you have it and one day you don't. Because these lies were born of a liar - an ego steeped in dualism and limitation while separated from its Truth. Life lived egoically is as Shakespeare said, "A tale - Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

Can you see how your personal story, your ideas about yourself, your memories, your past traumas, your imagination, and desires for the future are all born of a lie? Of a mind rising in and of itself, disconnected to its true intelligence, its true ability to love, creating one false thought after another? Beliefs of limitations and death? A belief is formed from a collection of thoughts. If those thoughts are born in the limitation and duality of the mental realm are false, then so will the belief be false and/or limiting. In turn, so will any manifestation and/or demonstration conjured up by this belief. The egoic mind is not your friend. It is a liar and a fraud. It is in truth, insane. There is no reality to sickness and disease. They only form in the absence of truth, never the Presence of Truth. Therefore, you never battle disease or poverty, or any lie the ego makes up and demonstrates for you will only empower it via your attention. No, you must see it for the non-power it is and keep your focus on your Source - which is Present Moment Awareness. No one goes into a room and removes the dark. That is silly. No, one brings in the light and the dark is dispelled.

A mind gone rogue in the creation of false images (thoughts) due to misidentifying with form is what we call Satan. There is no personal you at all. It has all been a case of mistaken identity all along. Once the mind realizes its true Self it settles down into the purpose it was born for: to reveal the truth, not create it. Understand a false identify cannot exist long in a state of Present Moment Awareness. The end of the thinking mind is the end of the ego for what and who are you without all your memories, expectations, and conditions? You are no body. You are God aka true Self living through many people. This is what you must identify as. As Cause being effect. Not effect with no knowledge of itself as Cause.

In order to transgress the egoic state, the conscious and subconscious minds must come together meditatively to channel the true Self as Spirit being Soul.

The minds true and original purpose is that of a witness of Spirit that reveals life, rather than creating it. The mind is a bridge between Spiritual and physical realms. Once the mind is held in the correct manner, the lion (Spirit) lays down with the lamb (mind) and heaven up on earth is manifested. Bear in mind heaven and hell are states of consciousness aka the true self and the ego.

~ Tracy Pierce

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