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The key is the conscious mind. The door is within the subconscious mind. You are both the lock and the key. Do not corrupt either mind by allowing the conscious mind to take or rise in thought which pulls our attention and presence away from the awareness of the subconscious/present moment which together is our very Soul. If the conscious mind is present in thought, then it is absent in its own temple which is the door to its Spiritual Beingness. The higher subconscious awareness is the door through which the incarnate Soul merges with the One Soul being Spirit that guides us intuitively.

Mental concepts aka thought, created by a mind that is cut off from its Source are delusions - false images, that work against life, that work against your Soul, your Spirit of being, rather than for it. These false images are not real. They are not real for they did not originate from the Spiritual realm of being.

Let the conscious mind be still so that it remains in the stillness of its Temple, becoming conscious of being Awareness (Present Moment). Awareness being another name for Soul. Once the conscious mind is aware of itself as Soul, Soul becomes aware of the conscious mind and guides it. It is then that the conscious awareness of both mind and Spirit merge as One. This is when one is raised up and Self Realization is experienced.

Understand the thinking mind can never merge with the beingness of Spirit. They are like oil and water or illusion and reality. They are not compatible.

You are so much more than a mental concept created by a mind cut off from its own Soul, from Spirit itself. Be still and know that I AM.

~ Tracy Pierce

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