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The logical mind, the mind that reasons is meant to interpret and serve the intuitive mind, the true mind that is present in our true Consciousness as Awareness. In other words, Mind Consciousness is meant to serve Spiritual Consciousness by keeping its Presence (Conscious Mind) outside of its own thinking while in the Subconscious through meditation, in the same way, Spiritual Consciousness (I) is always in all ways present in and of itself as Soul (Am).

I am that I am. I am Spirit/Soul that I am Conscious/Subconscious Mind. The former I am is always in all ways ONE, the second I am is two due to being fractured through egoism.

If the Conscious Mind (Attention), is not present in its own Awareness as the Human Soul and true Soul then it is not serving its true Spiritual Consciousness, due to being present in its own uninspired thoughts. One cannot be present in two rooms at once. One must pick either their own thoughts or their own Temple that is the door to the true Self. our Conscious Mind is not present in its Temple (Subconscious/Heart) it will not receive the gifts of Spirit such an intuition and inspiration.

If the Conscious (I) and the Subconscious Mind (Am) do not come together as One, we will not be able to make conscious the Spiritual Dimension of our Being. One will not be led by Spirit but by a false sense of being that appears separate to the whole Aka an Egoic personality created by Egoic thoughts. If the Conscious Mind which we identify with is present in its own thoughts, then it is absent in its own Awareness - Awareness being the activity or body of Spirit - its true Consciousness. Because of this, the Conscious Mind will create a personality out of these false thoughts, in place of its true Spiritual Identify realized through the Temple as Present Moment Awareness.

The Conscious Mind Aka ' Our thoughts' will not be led by its true Consciousness but by a false sense of Consciousness (namely itself) while being severely limited to the realms of effect outside of Cause Aka its true Self as Spirit. The Ego will not live by intuition, Faith (knowing) and Grace (alignment) but by the thoughts arising from its own disconnection. It will instead apply logic and reason to its own thoughts, its own false images, which are naught but a lie. It is like trying to make sense of a mathematical error. Crazy. How do we find logic and reason in insanity? It is not possible. The Ego can never know realization because the Ego is not real. It is, to use an analogy and mathematical error. What happens to the mathematical error that has kept you up all night once the right formula has been applied? Where did it go? It went back into the nothingness from which it came. It has no existence beyond the existence you imagined in to have.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, because nearly everyone is in an egoic state of being, crazy or insane is considered normal. We have in our ignorance normalized the egoic mind. No one really knows any different. Therefore, we all try to make sense of the insensible: poverty, war, disease, and the like. However, at heart - at our core, most of us we know we are One, even if we are not conscious of this. Even so, if anyone steps outside the norm, outside the universal mind of acceptance, we consider and label them crazy, even if they are the only sane person in this crazy world. How many times have we looked back in history, at women and blacks forbidden to vote, at homosexuals forbidden to love, as barbaric practices of the dark ages and thought, oh my god, what did possess us to enact such atrocities?! Thoughts possessed us. Thoughts created by a mind disconnected to its truth - to its true Consciousness. And it will happen again before we rise as One. People will look back at this over- consumer mad period we are currently living in and wonder what on earth we were thinking - in fact wonder why we were thinking at all.

The being mind, the present mind that guides us via intuition is becoming the new normal. So don't be afraid to be different. Don't be afraid to stand alone. Don't be afraid to stand alone being different. Don't be afraid to make a difference, with your difference. Most of all let love be your reason. Let love guide your reason. The intuitive mind is the master of the logical mind.

~ Love Tracy

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