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The inner will always, as a rule, reflect the outer. Your interpersonal (relationship with others) relationship will reflect your intrapersonal relationship (relationships with self).

How do you treat yourself? What is your self-worth? Do you trust yourself? Most importantly do you know Thy Self? Are you in communion or union with Thy Self or are you separated aka unconscious of your true Self? Are you loyal to your intuition and your integrity of Spirit? Do you do anything to insult your Soul? How consciously aware are you in the grand scheme of life? Are you abusing yourself? Are you sabotaging yourself? Are you killing yourself? Are you loving yourself? Being kind to yourself? Understanding yourself?

The answers to all these questions will be played out interpersonally in all your relationships with all being and nonbeing. With people and the planet alike. If you are not true to yourself, even unconsciously - inadvertently, then others will not be true to you. If you are not honest with yourself then others will not be honest with you or themselves, either. If you don't value yourself, others won't, or you will attract others that don't value themselves, while valuing you. If you are angry, you will find anger in others for in truth there are no others. Every other Soul lives in and as the One Soul which you are, which we ALL are.

The Subconscious of every person is a part of the Present Moment for all is Mind. Spirit (I) localizes itself billions of times as a personal "I" within the one Soul (Am), creating seemingly billions of souls, however this is an illusion. There is only One. There is always only One being many. Your Subconscious is the part of the Soul that you as Mind or localized Consciousness are - to date - at this point in your evolution - conscious of. Some are more conscious than others, however this does not make them superior. It simply means they are at a different point on the wheel of fate regarding the rise and fall of all that is truly One.

Your outer world will reflect your inner world, including the unconscious and superconscious aspects of your inner world that you are not conscious of yet. Hence why life is often a shock or surprise to you. It pays to become conscious of all that is unconscious within the subconscious and to make friends with uncertainty. Life is a revelation - let it reveal itself as Thy Self. Trust that when you are guided by Spirit all is and will be good kind and loving.

The conscious mind - even in its egoic state, feeds into the Subconscious, however, so does one's Incarnate Soul that is a vessel for the One true Soul guided by Spirit. Until the Conscious Mind aligns with the Consciousness of Spirit (Thereby dropping the ego) through the Awareness of Soul, it will always move against itself - against life, therefore suffer. Egoic thoughts impregnating the Subconscious along with the Spirits are usually always in opposition. There is no place for two wills - two masters.

In order to have dominion over all aspects of being aka Soul, one must become conscious of them, rather than merely being conscious of and identifying with Thoughts feelings and their manifestations. In doing so one becomes them. One cannot control anything if one is unconscious of themselves in relation to the rest of the world - the rest of its true Self. One cannot have dominion over the Soul as Mind/body. The tail never wags the dog. One can only have dominion over Soul therefore all ‘physical being’ as Spirit - as Cause. One must therefore die of themselves and be born again of Spirit. In other words, one must cease identifying as Effect (mind/body) and know themselves 'experientially as Cause being Effect. (Spirit being Mind/body).

One must 'Know Thy Self'. Only in knowing Thy Self can the illusion of myself with all its trials and tribulations, its false ideas and images be negated and healed. Soul is Awareness. One must become conscious of Being Awareness. Every lifetime will see you become more conscious of Thy Self. When the mind is silent in meditation, mindfulness or sleep light shines through the mind illuminating it even though you are not conscious of it. This light is omniscient - it is all knowing, therefore, later on in the day when one does indulge in thoughts, they will be clearer, more accurate in discerning reality. More thoughts will 'come' to mind - rather than the mind taking (conjuring) them itself. So even though your meditation will seem fruitless at the time - it is not. Light - albeit even a small amount - does enlighten the Conscious Mind even when we are not conscious of it.

Look around yourself and see if you can identify the parts people are playing in your life that are a reflection - a projection of yourself either consciously or unconsciously. Relationships are usually the best tools for growth. As Eckhart Tolle is famous for saying 'Relationships are not here to make us happy, they are here to make us conscious'. Our mind is out-pictured - manifested physically so that we might see what is in it, until such a time as we learn to look within and truly know ourselves beyond form, for our true self is formless. Something the mind in its present state cannot quite grasp - or want too.

“Only in relationship can you know yourself, not in abstraction, and certainly not in isolation.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti

~ Tracy Pierce

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