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Your primary purpose in life is to live your truth as Spirit - not the ideas and dreams you have as ego.

This can only be done when you as the mind become conscious of or realize your true Self in and as Spirit. As soon as Self Realization is experienced, one's purpose or purposes, for we have many, will appear effortlessly along with all the added things needed to bring one's purpose to fruition.

Living your souls purpose puts you in alignment with whole universe which also provides the means for every other person's purpose. This is also when your spiritual family gather around you, supporting you in the fulfilment of your souls intention/s.

We come into alignment with our truth by staying meditatively and intuitively in and as the moment. Bringing as much of our presence as we can to The Now, we let each moment unfold in the fated and sacrosanct synchronicity of Soul being Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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