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The mind/body being Effect, is a reflection of one's true Self as Cause, which is Unmanifest and 'Undifferentiated Awareness (Soul/Yin/Am) being the activity of Unmanifest Nonconceptual Consciousness (Spirit/Yang/I). Cause and Effect are always One irrespective of Maya or mind lost to illusion.

Effect is always form transforming, while Cause is and does not. Consequently Cause (Spiritual Consciousness) always has dominion over Effect such as the Consciousness of mind/body. Effect does not have dominion over Cause as Effect, such as the Consciousness of Mind cannot detect it with its rudimentary and limited senses or intelligence. The mind can however commune with itself as Cause through a state of Being that allows for intuition given from Cause to be interpreted by Effect - Mind. Moreover, the Present Moment itself is guided by the nature of Soul through karmic experience. Of course, Soul aka Awareness is the activity and expression of Spiritual Consciousness. So, as you can see though the mind believes it is the creator of life, it is in fact Spiritual Consciousness that is. The body and mind are effects of Spiritual Cause.

You might wonder then why our physical world does not reflect the purity and blessings of Spirit. The reason for this is because the Consciousness of Mind cannot think what it does not know, and it does not know itself as Spiritual Consciousness. Therefore, it cannot bring into the world that which is has no consciousness of. Nor will it ever know itself Spiritually so long as it continues to use the mind to 'think' rather than 'be'. Only the being (Meditative) mind with the right understanding becomes conscious of itself Spiritually. Once conscious of itself as Spirit, the mind settles down into its true state of being, allowing Spirit to guide the mind and body.

It is plain to see at this point in our evolution that the mind is rarely in a state of being, hence suffering greatly due to working against karmic law rather than with and as it. In other words when the mind develops and exercises a will of its own due to not knowing itself as Spirit, therefore, it works against its true Self as Spirit - as the totality of Life and duly suffers for it. This being the case, a lot of false manifestations such as sickness, war, and poverty etc are seen in the world. They are brought about the through false images aka thoughts created by a mind cut off from its true Self as Cause/Spiritual Consciousness. When the mind is not conscious of itself Spiritually, Life is created from the Mental Realm of limitation, separation, and duality, rather than the Spiritual Realm of Oneness, love, and Plenty.

Due to the Minds ignorance of its true Self, it superimposes its limited and dualistic ideas of life into the purity of light shining through its beingness from the Spiritual Realm of Causation. Imagine a beautiful image shining a light onto a wall - then imagine that the lens (The Inner I) through which the light passes has a foreign body on it such as a beetle or a fly. What would be manifested onto the wall would not be the pure image of Spirit but the beetle or fly. This is what the 'thinking' mind does on the lens of life. It scribbles all over the artwork of Spirit, thinking it knows better - believing it is the Alpha and the Omega. Believing it is the true Self. Believing it must create life via 'thinking' rather than reveal life via 'being' which is a clear mind. Moreover, the false belief of identifying as the mind/body also gives rise to the false belief that one is born and then dies. Naturally this false belief gives rise to living in fear. Fear of one day never existing. If one knew themselves as Spirit, there would be no fear or undue attachment to form.

Matter like its maker is eternal. Matter cannot be born, nor can it die however unlike its maker it is continually transforming and morphing into different shapes that serve Cause. Therefore, it is foolhardy to identify with effect that is constantly changing shape. It is prudent and proper to know oneself as Cause which is eternally always the same: Undifferentiated Awareness (Soul) being Nonconceptual Consciousness (Spirit). Never identify with the I am of Mind Consciousness which is a temporary Temple for the eternal and true I am of Spiritual Consciousness.

For great healing to take place therefore, all one has to do is be mentally still and 'know' I am Spirit behind the minds sense of I am-ness. "Be still and know that I am" - Psalm 46. Every particle of life has an innate ability to be perfectly itself within the whole. It is only when the mind interferes, thinking it knows best through its ignorance of itself Spiritually that life becomes an abomination in many and varied ways. Pain, suffering and illness can only come about when, instead of creating life with and as Spiritual Consciousness we are create life with and as Mind Consciousness. Creating with Mind Consciousness over Spiritual Consciousness is Effect is creating effect, that will give rise to an abomination, rather than Cause creating Effect, giving rise to the perfection of life.

This is why Jesus said let the dead bury the dead. For the manifestations brought forth from the egoic mind have no real life in them. Effect creating Effect is not Life. It is Maya made physical. These physical manifestations only stand for as long as that particular Consciousness of Mind upholds it. Worse yet, the manifestations of the egoic mind often do much damage to the whole, including itself. This is because the Ego sees itself as apart from Life, rather than as a part of it.

In today’s world the Consciousness of mind as a whole, ignorantly believes it is the true Cause of life. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, and the end. The Consciousness of Mind has convinced itself it is born, and it dies which of course it does, however one is not the Consciousness of mind nor the Consciousness of body, even though One has a mind and body. The Consciousness of Mind/body is merely a transitory and temporary Temple for the Infinite and Eternal Consciousness of Spirit.

Because of this misidentification with Effect, one believes one must create life via thinking while rigorsly holding onto one’s body for dear life, believing one will cease to exist when the body does. This is opposed to the mind holding its natural state of 'Being' aka the meditative mind which aligns with and serves itself Spiritually in the revelation of Life. In other words, the Consciousness of Mind (Effect) has confused itself for the Consciousness of Spirit (Cause), which it is not. The Consciousness of Mind is an empty vessel, until it has merged with Spiritual Consciousness through its own Soul aka Awareness, experienced as Present Moment Awareness.

Whatever one is as Mind Consciousness, is conscious of, one creates or manifests in the world, if it is held deeply in the heart aka subconscious. In fact, even what one is not conscious of one creates due to living in a hive mind. A hive mind means we experience not only what is in our subconscious but also the subconscious of everyone else. There is only One Spirit, One Soul, One Mind.

The Conscious Mind aka thought is only 5% - 10% of the totality of mind. Ironically it is the most unconscious aspect of our being multidimensionally. It is barely conscious of the moment and almost completely unconscious of its own subconscious which is the vessel for its Incarnate Soul. The Incarnate Soul is in turn the vessel for the One true and eternal Soul being Spirit that is creating its life via one's intuition, and karmic experiences. Therefore, it is more apt to say, whatever one is Consciously Aware of or holds within mind and heart deeply, one will manifest, give life to or create in one's physical reality.

Let the Conscious Mind which is your sense of I am-ness or put another way, your presence of Being, be conscious of the Present moment only, rather than its own thoughts, so that it gives life to its Soul (Awareness) as opposed to the maya or illusion of its thoughts which were created in the ignorance of itself Spiritually. Keep your mind still and focused in and as the moment, conscious of being Awareness - which is a non-objective experience as Awareness is not a thing. This being the case it may feel odd at first, particularly to a mind whose made it its habit to be objected based. To use less confusing terminology, simply stay in the moment outside of thought, with an open mind and heart to intuitive messages that will come to you from within and to the serendipitous signs and synchronicity of Soul enacted as the Present Moment.

This way you will become conscious of aspects of your being that at the moment are unconscious to you. First you will come aware of all that is unconscious within the subconscious, then you will become conscious of yourself being the moment itself, then of the Incarnate Soul behind the form, then in time your true Self as Soul being Spirit will be revealed to you. This is Self- Realization.

~ Tracy Pierce

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