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How often to hear today the words, "Prove to me God exists and then I will believe". This always makes me smile when I consider the people asking this question cannot even prove they exist nether lone God. How can anyone prove that their existence is not a dream? It very well could be, with many esteemed personages such as Rumi and Poe to name but a few, implying that it is. All the same, dream or not, we exist in this dream or reality. That is certain. However, this certainty is not arrived at or validated by any empirical evidence whatsoever. "I am" and that is all.

Consciousness cannot be found. How does one take a step towards themselves? There is nowhere consciousness is not so you cannot find what was never lost. How conscious we are of this reality is the whole crux of Self-Realization. We do not know what Consciousness is, why it is, where it is and how it is. All we know is, we are conscious. We are Consciousness. Period. All we know is I am. I exist. In a dream, outside a dream, no one knows. All we know is I am conscious of being everywhere all at once, or conscious of being limited somehow in this conscious recognition.

One thing becomes abundantly clear, after thousands of years of putting much thought into this particular topic, and that is that the mind, through taking thought cannot find it. Thinking clearly has not worked irrespective of how highfalutin one's thinking is either individually or collectively. Thinking may have led us to the door however for the life of it we cannot enter and KNOW for sure what is beyond it. Equally is clear, is that the mind is the only instrument we have to know our true Self, if we are ever going too. Therefore, it makes sense that perhaps we have been using the mind in the wrong manner. It seems prudent to consider the idea that it is how the mind or mis-used if we are to ever go beyond it, if indeed many will say, there IS anything beyond it. There is.

Whatever is beyond the mind is the creator of mind, so any hopes of using hard and fast or even soft science to know Spirit or God is not going to cut it. The cornerstone all science is about ability to replicate a study in the physical so that we might control it. Now that hardly seems sensible or logical does it. Have you ever seen a tail wagging the dog? Or the canvas comprehending the artist?

Equally as obvious is that fact that whatever God, Spirit or the minds Creator is, it is beyond the thinking mind to know. The thinking mind can only no a thing it cannot know a non-thing. Only a being mind can comprehend non-being or an existence beyond 'objects' subject to mind. Consciousness is a non-thing. If it were a thing, then the mind would know it by now. The mind does not. We know we are consciousness, but we do not know what consciousness is. It is obvious then that knowledge of the non-self is beyond the ability for science in its present form, to study or understand. Anything beyond the senses to detect, which conscious awareness is, is beyond science and the limited parameters constituting contemporary science at this time. The mind cannot think what it does not know and what is does not know is vast.

This is why we have such branches as metaphysics and ontology and why we have mystics for they are the ones we turn to when it comes to understanding life beyond the mind.

The onus is on the individual for our own personal experience of consciousness is sacrosanct and inherently and innately our own until it isn't. You can no sooner prove your consciousness any more than you can prove you exist. We do not rely on thinking to exist. We rely on knowing. When it is your time to go beyond the mind and body you will. Your consciousness will expand into the vast unconscious. Until then, you won't. To each there is a season. Let us respect not only our own season but everyone else we share this reality or dream with for Consciousness is One being many.

~ Tracy Pierce

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