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True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one's own self being fully realized - Dalia Lama

To be kind, to be compassionate, to have empathy can sometimes feel like a chore when in the egoic state. We may not notice a person's loneliness, their pain. We may be too tired or in pain ourselves to care. A million and one reasons have been ours over the years, why we did not take time when we perhaps had time. As an ego, as one identifying with a mind/body, we have had work at cultivating being all these things, in one way or another because we know in our heart it is right to be kind, it is right to be compassionate and it is right to have empathy, even if your head says otherwise. So, we put effort into becoming, only to become undone and unkind when it is too much for us. When one thought wars with another thought, dividing our house. When we pass judgment, comparing and contrasting, knowing the minute one compares both identities are devalued.

The times we succeed in being kind we feel good about ourselves and likewise, we feel bad about ourselves when we don't. Life is a rollercoaster of feeling both good and bad alternatively due to reacting to life rather than acting as life. As our true nature which is revealed when thinking ceases.

Remember the greatest gift you can give people is your enlightenment, to share it. It has to be the greatest - Buddha

In a realized state of being, being kind or having empathy is never too much. As your true Self you always care, you are always compassionate, you are always empathetic because life is not a reaction but an action of the true Self. It is the very nature of the true Self. Being kind becomes natural. People begin to feel like family because one becomes familiar with them in Spirit. Therefore, everyone in the flesh becomes family because you know, not believe, but know they are. Literally - everyone feels to you, like your brother, sister, mother, and father. No effort is put into becoming what you already KNOW you are. In each and every moment kindness, compassion, and empathy bubble up from within and overflows out of you like a spring from underground for no other reason except that is it a natural part of your being and life on earth. It takes no effort to be your true Self. Everything you say and do is a blessing for the world.

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give, is that of your own transformation - Lao Tzu

~ Tracy Pierce

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