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Statements such as "I was just thinking that myself" or "I can't live with myself any longer" smacks of duality and mental instability doesn't it. It begs one to consider who this "I" is in relation to the "myself". Surely, we do not all suffer from Disassociation Identity Disorder.

Let us then, look more closely at these commonly used phrases, while considering what we are really saying and who is saying it, whether there is one of us or two of us. What is reality and what is imagination.

Firstly, let us distinguish the true I from the false I for clearly two are experienced, even if it is unconsciously. Bearing in mind while doing this that One Consciousness is the ultimate truth asserted by all sages and seers worth their salt, throughout our history of recorded time.

I am (Spirit - Real) that I am (mind - false).

I am that I am is said to be God's name.

The true Self - I AM Spiritual Consciousness that is eternal and formless, and its reflection - I am Mind/body Consciousness that is a temporary Temple.

. So really there is not two is there, there is only One and I am that. I am the Impersonal Spirit living through and as the personal mind-body. A false sense of Self Aka Ego arises when the Omega (Mind/body) is unconscious of itself as the Alpha so lives life personally while cut off (Unconscious) of being the Whole. You could liken this to a wave in the sea forgetting it is the sea, while identifying solely as a wave. In doing so, it creates a life and will of its own that naturally will resist (Act separately) to the life and will of its true Self as the Sea. Can you see? Excuse the pun.

There is only two when the reflection (Mind/body) does not reflect the Supreme Self. When we as mind/body are out of alignment (Grace) with our true Self

To reiterate, the real "I AM" is of course our eternal Spiritual Being while the false 'I am' is its reflection known as the mind: Mind-Consciousness (Conscious mind) and Awareness (Subconscious mind) are both Consciousness Awareness because one 'I' reflects the other. I Spirit (Spiritual Consciousness) Am Soul (Awareness).

"I tell you the truth, the Son (mind) can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father (Spirit) doing, because whatever the Father (Spirit) does the Son (mind) also does also. ~ John 5:19

The above quote depicts the Buddha or Christ Mind. When we as the Omega forget ourselves as the Alpha, we develop a will of our own, which resists or puts us out of step with our true Self as the Alpha. So, we are not one but two - hence duality or a sense of there being two. You can never not be your true Self - that would be impossible, however you can confuse our identity with what is not you, giving the impression of their being two: I cannot live with myself. The I is the true Self without anything attached to it. The myself, is mind consciousness - the instrument everyone confuses themselves for. Everyone identifies as their thoughts and feelings.

When the mind is unconscious of itself Spiritually, the mind becomes fractured, seeing the conscious and subconscious minds working against each other rather than together. This is why we are often caught between what our head tells us and what our heart does. Rarely are they on the same page. Meditation brings them together. Once they are together, they become a channel for the true Self.

Our misaligned separated sense of Beingness is why we are seemingly unconscious while we sleep. The true Self (Spiritual Consciousness) that is ever awake, confuses itself with Mind Consciousness, so when the mind shuts down to sleep, we seemingly become unconscious. However, you do not have to be this way. You can be conscious of sleeping. Below is an article that discusses this and below the article is a short 10-minute video on Consciousness in deep sleep by Swami Sarvapriyananda

Love Tracy

What Is "Conscious Sleep" & Should You Try It? Experts Weigh In

Consciousness in Deep Sleep by Swami Sarvapriyananda

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