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The definition of 'being' is a mind that sits as one single thought of Awareness rather than rising in the process of thinking. This Awareness which is initially the subconscious/present moment merges with the Awareness of the Soul that is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. The conscious mind (thought) which is a vessel of Consciousness aka Spirit is not, however. It is an empty vessel until it is realized, therefore is given tuition from within this awareness, so long as it is attending present moment awareness. If the conscious mind has risen in thought, then it is has risen outside the temple of present moment reality and into illusion.

The thinker is the ego and is steeped in illusion. The being mind is the only remedy to dispel the illusion of the false self that identifies heavily as the mind/body.

Any universal thought created by one of the many egos within the One mind, is quickly dismissed as a false image and treated with indifference by the realized mind. Moreover, the realized mind creates no egoic thoughts itself that only clouds and veils the One Mind further. In this manner a state of 'being' is maintained on high by the true Self. The being mind always is centred in the awareness of Self which is the present moment.

At the moment, many believe they are a mind & body with thoughts running around in their head, inspired by a thinker behind one's thoughts. This is not the case. There is no thinker behind their thoughts, just thoughts of a thinker. There is no Soul nor Spirit inspiring one's thoughts. There is only the conscious mind that has gone rogue in the creation of thought itself. Thought is creating thought. Effect is creating effect. Cause - one's true Self, has nothing to do with the creation of these false images, these rogue thoughts.

Your Soul is a part of the One Soul that you have dominion over and is reflected as your subconscious. Everyone's subconscious collectively is the present moment which is the vessel for the One Soul. The subconscious or soul births all manifestation. Your conscious mind, whether realized or an empty vessel impregnates the subconscious mind with an idea or image, and she responds emotions - providing the motion needed to bring it into the physical world. Together they birth either the reality of the true Self or the imposed reality of the egoic self depending on one's level of consciousness.

The subconscious embodies Love and feeling. The conscious mind embodies light and thought. Together they are one. Together the conscious mind (I) and the subconscious mind (am) are the servant of the true Self that is Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). Together they are the channel for Spirit to flow through and out into the world. I am that I am. I am Spirit that I am mind.

Unfortunately, as I have already pointed out, the conscious mind, which is what we use to think with, in its egoic form, is not playing its part correctly and has gone rouge so to speak due to identifying with mind (Effect) rather than Spirit (Cause). The conscious mind therefore, is impregnating the subconscious mind with thought taken from the mental realm (as opposed to the spiritual realm) due to its misidentification with mind instead of Spirit/True Self. - which is pure awareness. In other words, the conscious mind is only conscious of itself as thought emotions and body. It is not conscious of itself as Spirit, therefore cannot bring forth the fruits of Spirit into the physical world.

When Jesus said, 'Get behind thee Satan', he was telling his conscious mind to get behind the subconscious which is often referred to as the heart, or rather attend (bring attention to) the awareness of the subconscious (instead of itself) thereby taking direction from Spirit (Inner I) rather than taking direction from the outside world as seen by the eyes in a world of form.

The egoic mind ignorantly believes it is Cause - that it is the true Self, therefore instead of being still & receiving thought as it was created to do, it is creating thought or taking thought from a place of duality - the mental realm. The subconscious mind can do nothing but obey as it is ruled over and directed by the conscious mind and one's true Self as Consciousness (cause).

This egoic impostor that is creating life, rather than revealing it, prevents Self-realization due to giving its light or illumination (attention) to thought instead of Spirit, which it finds firstly within the awareness of the subconscious and present moment. Within the subconscious is the door to Spirit where one's Soul leads to one's Spirit.

Clearly the conscious mind is not what sustains life. It does not regulate the breath in our lungs or the put the beat in our hearts. Spirit being Soul does that. The conscious mind constitutes approximately 5% of our whole being but that is enough to upset the apple cart. It is enough to delay, destroy and distort the pure manifestation of Spirit flowing through the mind.

The Soul, the Spirit and the conscious mind all impregnate the subconscious mind thereby creating our physical reality. Due to the conscious mind rising in thought and being out of alignment with its own Spirit, Soul, subconscious and present moment, the end result is a distortion in our physical manifestations that much to our dismay often make us suffer.

The trick is to stop using thought to find your Self for it is thought itself that is veiling it. It is only when 'taking thought' from the mental realm ceases that the truth of your BEING is revealed in the silence, stillness and depth of ones Being. When the conscious mind is no longer trying to create life via the creation of thought, it reveals it in the stillness of its being instead. Life then flows unchecked it all its glory and perfection.

~ Tracy Pierce

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