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The I-thought is your conscious mind. It is your sense of existence. Your Presence of Being. It is your I am-ness. It is however not your true consciousness but a reflection of it. In order for the reflection and true Self to align as One, this I-thought, along with the projection of the I - being the Mind Aka Subconscious, must be held in a certain state of being that is contusive to the passage of Spirit flowing through mind unfiltered.

If you inquire into the Conscious Mind - this I-thought from which all thought is derived, you will see it dissolve into nothingness, which in turn reveals the true I - the true Self. Self-inquiry then does not so much elicit a response so much as it dissolves the questioner (the ego) which in turn reveals the true I - the true Self.

It is the Subconscious Mind Aka Human Soul that filters the flow of Spirit moving into the body and the body of the world. Held within the Subconscious are false beliefs, concepts etc built in ignorance. Built by the Conscious Mind and its incessant thinking. Every thought is like a brick in the wall of belief. A wall that veils the truth self. The Conscious Mind rises in thought due to the emotional unrest (Ignorance of true Self) of the Subconscious Aka Human Soul. Everything you think is coloured and inspired by the Subconscious Mind which is felt. The Subconscious is felt rather than thought as it holds the emotional body. Between them the Conscious and Subconscious Minds create a negative feedback loop that sees us live one lifetime after another suffering our own ignorance until we eventually lose the mind in favour of finding our Soul - our true Soul beyond the Temple (Temporary) Human Soul. Ignorance of course is the absence of the true Self which is Love. Love (Am- Soul) is the expression of Spirit (I) which is omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience.

Self-inquiry as advocated by Sri Ramana Maharshi teaches us to seek the true I, Aka the Supreme Self (Spiritual Consciousness), as the reflected or projected I Aka Atman, Christ, Krishna, or Buddha etc. This projection of the true Self which we will call the Conscious Mind in this text, is the true Self when facing the Supreme Self through meditation. It becomes the Ego and the rest of the world when it projects itself into and as the Mind.

Self-inquiry asks us to seek the core of our existence, to find the essence of our Being and meditate upon it - meaning to focus deeply and unwaveringly on this Inner I. To focus on and as this reflected Inner I until it aligns with or dissolves into the true I - our true Self which is then revealed once the unreal dissolves. Understand this Inner I is what we use to think with. If we are using it to inquire into the true Self - to meditate upon it then thought cannot rise can it? You cannot effectively attend (Bring your attention too) two things at once. You cannot be in two rooms at the same time. Therefore, while you are inquiring into the true Self which is basically meditating upon and as "I AM" thoughts should not bother you. If they do, it is because you mind cannot focus itself - it cannot 'yet' hold itself in a one-pointed fashion. So, your job then is to turn your attention away from any thought that tries to distract your attention.

"Hold onto one thought so that others are expelled" - Sri Ramana Maharshi

Thoughts are created in a two-fold manner: Firstly, you create them with your Inner I. Once created they move into the One Mind Aka the Matrix or Ether. Remember we live in a mental universe - all is Mind. There is only ONE mind with many cells (Beings) within it. Everyone's thoughts mingle in the Ether and are attracted to their equal and opposite effect. So, this is how thoughts come to you that are not your own - that are not created by your personal 'I'. Either way - created or taken, one must turn away from all thought and keep their focus, their full attention on and as their 'I am-ness' which is the door to the Spiritual Realms.

The Mind will not help you with Self-Realization. It will only veil it. The Mind is either serving the true Self AS the true Self or serving itself as Mind.

Once the true Self has been realized, that is the end of your personal dream. However, the impersonal dream is still alive and well which is why you can still be IN the world but not OF it. Once everyone is realized, then the world as we know it disappears for there is no mind to keep it alive so to speak. What we have instead is the Supreme Self living through and as its reflection - which is still a dream yet a dream in which we are lucid. This is when we have dominion over all of life - not as the Ego for there is no Ego but as the true Self. Some call this a dream come true, others call it the Second coming of Christ for all have risen to their Christhood - all is One as the true Self and as the reflection of the true Self. At the moment, this world is a reflection of the reflection that has forgotten itself if that makes sense.

"BE STILL - apart from this the mind has no task to do or thought to think" - Sri Ramana Maharshi.

You are Awareness Aka Soul/Spirit that lives by Faith - clair-cognizance Aka knowing or Faith which is entirely different to thinking as you know it. Keep the mind still as ONE thought of Awareness in and as the moment and be amazed how well life lives itself without your thoughts resisting the natural flow of Thy true Self.

~ Love Tracy

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