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In order for the mind to realize and reveal the fullness of its true Self, the mind must change the way it operates. It must go from a state of thinking to one of Being. Being is another word for meditation. Our origin - the Truth of our being can only be arrived at through and as the Awareness of the Subconscious/Soul aka Present Moment. The Subconscious is the part of mind that reincarnates as the mind-vessel for Soul in the same way the Conscious mind aka Inner I (Thought) is a vessel or instrument for Spiritual Consciousness. Awareness is the activity of Consciousness,

The I of Mind Consciousness and the Am of Mind Awareness must come together as One so that they form a channel for the true Self to guide and master the Mind. The true Self being the Unmanifest I Am which the mind reflects. You can see clearly that the mind - the manifest, was born in the image of the true Unmanifest Self for the purpose of being its instrument.

I Spirit Am Soul (True Self) that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind (Image).

The Consciousness of Mind must stay present in its own Awareness of Being known as the Subconscious, which is the total activity of not only this life but all lives to date. Bear in mind the subconscious is always in and as the Present Moment. In doing this one becomes conscious of all that does hinder us unconsciously. In purifying the Temple aka Subconscious, one as the Conscious Mind/Inner I or thought, is able to stay present in its Subconscious and moment without rising in thought which takes it out of the Temple. If the Inner I is not in its Temple of Awareness - its own body, - if the Mind does not become Present (I) moment (Am) Awareness, then it will not be able to become conscious of itself Spiritually nor receive the fruitage of Spirit that guides it in the mental and physical realms.

One cannot know the Unmanifest dimension of our Being with the senses. It takes a different kind of looking. One cannot look with the eyes of flesh, but with and as the I of being that speaks to us through knowing aka claircogizance. Just as you know you exist, you will simply 'know' other things too without taking thought, rather in being 'Given' thought will you know. This is why we must go from thinking to Being. Clearly thinking has not worked. We are none the wiser, as to our origins and the truth of our Being, than we were when Adam was wearing short pants. Our Inner I - our presence of Being which is our Inner I, must be attending (Attention or focused) as and in Spirit, not the body. So, even though you as Spirit (Unmanifest Cause) are in the world, you are not of it.

Being aka Meditation is holding the I of one's Being in its 'Self' as Awareness until the I of Spirit fills the I of Mind with the Holy Spirit (intuition), raising it up to be One with itself. Its 'Self' is known as the totality of all being without differentiation or loss of Consciousness in any way. An analogy would be if One identifies as the sea first and foremost which then expresses itself in and as the wave which carries it to the shore of itself. The Ego is that which only knows itself as the Wave while ignorant of its body being the Sea. Therefore, sees the sea as apart from itself rather than a part of itself. We are like that we life. We think we have a life within life, not realizing we are One life living through billions of lives. We are the Sea expressing itself as a wave - billions of waves - and starfish etc.

The wave stops being in the Sea and starts being the Sea like you will stop being IN the moment and start becoming the moment itself. You have to know yourself as the Moment in the same way the wave realizes it is the Undifferentiated Sea first and foremost. You have to go from being two to One. Instead of being you in the moment, just be the moment. You don't have a life. You are life. One day that will be experienced as an actual lived experience that will completely change the way you know yourself as reality.

Understand that thinking and being are two mind states that cannot coexist with one another. In fact, they rely on the absence of each other to give one another meaning. Thinking is the absence of Being in the moment. Being in the moment is the absence of thinking. One cannot be in two rooms at once, serving two different masters. One is either going to take thought in the act of thinking and serve the mental realm of being or one is going to be mentally still aka Being or meditation and be given thought that is of a different quality and quantity altogether. It is more of an awareness of Being rather than the comparing and contrasting measurements of the Mind.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money". - Matthew 6:24 (In other words you cannot identify as Spirit and Mind, you must choose which one to be and serve. Spirit or Mind?)

Don't get me wrong in believing that thinking does not have its role in the big scheme of Life living itself, at this point in our evolution. It does. Knowing aka Faith must be processed into knowledge creating a blueprint for the Subconscious to mimic and manifest physically. The origin of thought is of utmost importance as is the quality of the mind state that receives intuitive guidance. In thought given, the quality of thought is quite different for it comes from Spirit, rather than being conjured - created by mind and secondly the role it plays is significantly smaller than the role it plays now. Rather than using 95% of the minds output, the act of thinking uses approximately 5-10%.

Thinking about the truth immediately cancels out the state of being the truth. Being the truth immediately cancels out the state of thinking. Do you see? These two states of mind cannot coexist. Being is in the present moment, thinking it always outside of the present moment - and those are the only two places you, as mind can be - in reality or yourself as thought. Try it now and see what I mean. Think of something and then consider how present you are in the moment. Then be as deeply in the moment as you can be, noticing everything within and without form - then notice how thought has stilled. One thought held steady is Awareness meditating while two thoughts or more is Mind Consciousness drifting of into a world of its own.

Become familiar with the experience of your own Presence - you own I am-ness that is your sense of existence because you have to marinate in it. Believe it or not this is the door and where your focus must reside at least 90-95% of the time.

So, to summarize somewhat and reiterate, the only way for the Consciousness of Spirit as Cause to fill and guide its instrument of peace, known as the Consciousness of Mind, is through the Awareness of the Subconscious and Soul (The Am's or the I's as I think of them). This means the Conscious Mind has to stay in the Awareness of the Subconscious - Present Moment, which of course entails it stays out of its self-generated thoughts that take it out of the moment - out of its Temple.

Once the Consciousness of Mind settles into a clear reflection of itself as Awareness, it allows the Awareness of the Soul being Spirit (True Self) the ability to see itself clearly which brings recognition of itself Spiritually. It is at this point the mind will then be mastered. Until this time, it is impossible. The mind can no sooner master itself than the body can make itself move. However, once you realize your true Self the whole game changes. The jig is up.

The mind can either surrender its personal control to itself Spiritually - which is always impersonal or take control as mind. Life is.

Consider seriously, how conscious you are of the present moment while thinking? Then stop thinking and be as deeply present as possible. Compare the two states of mind and seriously reflect on their differences in experience. After doing this, take whatever opportunity you have, whenever you can to repeat that performance. Be as present in and as the I am-ness of your being as you can be. Focusing on the I am-ness of your Presence will stop thought. Any kind of focus stops thinking and brings it down to One thought of Awareness. Find whatever works for you then use the discipline gained from this practice and apply it to the practice of marinating in your own I am-ness which is another of saying practice being Present Moment Awareness.

Thoughts stops with focus so focus on the moment. Every time a thought comes and pulls your attention (Attending Consciousness) away from being the Awareness of the moment, refocus and bring it back - time and time again (lol). Eventually the mind gets it. Eventually the Subconscious takes over and makes it a habit, in which the practice before effortless. Effortless Awareness.

Realize that reality, being the Present Moment is your actual body - your eternal body. Your true Self IS the present Moment, whether you are alive or dead, breathing or not breathing, Unmanifest or manifested in and as form. Now is your body. Now is all there is and all there ever will be. You will always be conscious of being Now, even when the mind and body pass away. Because you are not the mind and body, thought you do have one - and have had many. You are the Unmanifest I Spirit Am Soul. This is your eternal Being that you will one day experience as your reality. Awareness is Soul and Soul is Now. They are synonymous. How this "Now" will be experienced, by the true I of your Being (Beyond the I of Mind), is the million-dollar question isn't it, but it will be experienced, this much is sure, for life cannot die, having never been born. The form with which you are experiencing the present moment-ness will change, but the experiencing will not. Now is forever and always in all ways amen. Never equate your existence with form - with the mind and body. Realize Thy Self beyond form.

~ Tracy Pierce

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