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"Meditation is sticking to one thought. That single thought keeps away other thoughts; distraction of mind is a sign of its weakness; by constant meditation it gains strength." - Ramana Maharshi

Meditation is in principle all about consciously relaxing in and as Awareness aka Human Soul, which is always in all ways one with the one true and eternal Soul that was born in the image and likeness of our true Self as Spirit which upholds and shapes our life. This puts us in alignment or put another way, puts us under Grace with all aspects of our being multidimensionally.

The only reason our life is not lived perfectly is because the Conscious Mind, which we unfortunately identify with, defiles the Subconscious with beliefs and ideologies by continually rising out of the Subconscious where it receives its daily bread Aka Intuition. To be fair it cannot help but do this when the Subconscious is in a state of unrest, holding within itself Karmic obligations. However, irrespective of the cause, if the Conscious Mind is not conscious of itself both Subconsciously and Spiritually, it will continue creating this negative feedback-loop in which Mind-Consciousness resists the flow of Light (True Self) from moving through the Subconscious Aka Human Soul or Temple by creating false beliefs, ideologies and concepts called karmic Vasana's that filter, distort and disfigure the purity of light that Spirit is. Disease, poverty and all number of sins are the result Aka abominations.

Be assured that all sin - all that causes us to suffer is derived from the Mind-Consciousness being unconscious of itself as Spiritual-Consciousness. A mind unconscious of itself Spiritually works only for itself, from itself as Mind-Consciousness, rather than being led by and as Spiritual-Consciousness that lives in all creatures great and small. - unifying one and all.

It a nutshell meditation is resting peacefully and lovingly in each and every moment AS the moment, for the moment itself IS Soul, while guided from on high by the Awareness behind Mind-Consciousness which directed by our true Intelligence aka Spiritual- Consciousness. Meditation keeps our attention on and as Awareness, rather than in our thoughts, emotions and their manifested manifestations. Therefore, be the witness - to everything without judging it at all. Witness your thoughts, your emotions, while practicing netti netti all the time. Distinguish all the time between the Awareness that you are and your instrument which is looking, thinking and feeling rather than getting caught up in these thoughts, feelings and their manifestations.

In summary, learn to relax in and as the moment while your attention rests on being the Awareness that brings forth all of life. The mind (I) must be one-pointed in focus - meaning holding itself as ONE thought attentive to its own Soul Aka Awareness beyond Mind. This opens the door for the true Self (Spiritual-Consciousness) to move in and live our live for us as Mind-Consciousness. Keep this practice up and experience the shift in consciousness that goes from instrument to true Self.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" - Matthew 6:22-29

~ Love Tracy

Below are two short videos to help you understand and practice being aware of being aware or as I put it - being conscious of being Awareness.

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