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Until the mind has been made clear enough to reflect its true Self as Awareness aka Soul, it will falsely continue to believe it, as mind - is the true self. That the mind/body is its true Consciousness – its true existence.

Many lifetimes are spent clearing the mind for the coming of Truth. A karmic process that opens the I of the mind, so that it beholds its true Self as its reflection. This is when the I of mind and the I of Spirit merge as One through and as Awareness. The Alpha & the Omega are One.

Self-Realization is really nothing more than Effect finally reflecting Cause as perfectly as possible, due to there being no more dust on the mirror that is mind. The reflection (Effect) is finally in sync with it’s true Self (Cause). This is why we experience synchronicity and serendipity the closer we get to living the Truth itself, rather than living the truth of a mind blind to its 'Self'

When there is an alignment of being multidimensionally, Life is living itself unfiltered. This is Grace.

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