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The moment wants more than your conscious attention. More than just thought. It calls for your heart felt awareness too. The moment is jealous of anything that takes any part of your presence away from it. This is what is meant in the bible when it says God (Present Moment) is a jealous God.

He is a jealous God Joshua 24:19

For you must not worship any other god (the thinking mind), for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.~ Exodus 34:14

While present in the moment, you must be fully present and accounted for on all levels of your being. All, your attention. All your awareness. All thought. All your emotion. All your feeling. Everything you are and I am, must be given over to being present as the Spirit I AM that I am. In other words, you must hold the mind in an apperceptive fashion, in which you are conscious of being Awareness. Awareness is differentiated as the subconscious, the present moment and the Soul.

To reiterate be as present in the moment as you can be - meaning feel the moment while at the same time have an open heart and mind to the whole of the universe both inside and outside of you guiding you, communicating with you somehow, for it will speak to you directly through intuition and indirectly through the synchronicity of the moment and serendipity. Pay attention to Now.

Perhaps more simply put you could say this state of being is like a small child whose heart is wide open to the moment, vulnerable and trusting, knowing its parent (Intuition aka Holy Spirit) as well as the moment itself, will guide him/her aright and keep you safe. Assume this state of being and see if you cannot capture even for a moment, a time when you were like that small loving child trusting in the world. Only this time it will not be your mother or father guiding you, it will be your own consciousness. It will be your true Self in and of Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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