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Life is like your higher Self as Spirit giving you a present: The gift of the present moment and you are like, cool, whatever, what's next?

Could you imagine doing that at Christmas time. Someone giving you a gift, then in the next moment, throwing it behind you in anticipation of the next gift?

This is how we treat each moment of life. Just enjoy the gift. Don't worry about tomorrow's gift or think about yesterdays. Just you unwrap today's, reverently knowing...

If the mind completely stopped thinking and sat in the Awareness of now being guided intuitively - life would be a festival of lights beyond one's imagination.

There is no need to rush forward into the next moment. If you cannot find that peace that passes all understanding in this moment you will not find it in any moment for this peace comes as a state of your being, not as a state of circumstances or as some kind of reward or pay off in the physical.

~ Tracy Pierce

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