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I am that I am.

The 1st of Thy Name (I AM) is Spiritual Consciousness. The 2nd of Thy name (I Am) is a reflection of Thy true Self as Mind Consciousness.

Put another way I am Brahman that I am Atman.

Seemingly two. Seemingly separation. Yet they are One. There is only separation when the 2nd of Thy Name as the reflection or Atman projects his reflected consciousness forward into and as Mind, at the same time veiling himself as the first of his name- as Brahman/true Self.

This statement could also be understood as I am the Unmanifest being the Manifest bearing in mind the Unmanifest is the real as it is eternal and the Manifest is unreal as it is forever changing, forever morphing into a different shape, therefore, it would be foolhardy to identify with the manifest unless you want to experience birth and death a million times over.

It is important to understand that the true Self as the Unmanifest has no chance of being manifest in all its purity of light if the second I am as the Reflection or Atman is not conscious of itself Spiritually for the mind cannot create what it does not know. The pure Light that is Spiritual Consciousness can only be manifested in all its glory if Mind Consciousness knows itself Spiritually, beyond the mental and physical realms of Being.

The difference between the realized and unrealized mind is the state of mind being held. The Egoic Mind lives in its thoughts - its body and the body of the world seemingly apart from itself Spiritually. The realized holds their mind in a state of stillness until the true Self as Brahman raises its up and lives its life for it. There is our oneness of Being.

The correct use of mind is to be still mentally allowing Spiritual Consciousness (Father- I) Soul (Mother - Am) to flow as through you as the Son (I Conscious mind and Am Subconscious Mind). Together, the father, the mother and the son are Life and are One. You are the Father (Spirit), the Mother (Soul) and the Son (Mind) that projects itself as the Manifested Soul of the world.

Only through the stillness of mind can you know yourself as Soul and Spirit - the first of Thy Name.

The Father and Mother have created life and the Son aka mind reveals it.

As soon as you keep the mind still in a meditative and apperceptive state (outside of thought and feeling) that is 'knowing', you will begin to lose the sense of there being a separate and personal "I" or existence apart from the Spirit. This is because the false "I" or the ego is held together by thoughts recorded in the physical brain, memories, back story, emotions, knowledge etc. If there is no thought, then there is no personal self. You, see? Once the personal I is gone you are left with nothing but the true I - the impersonal One due to the two I's melding together as One.

In this way one re-identifies with and as Spirit for where once you were blind, now you see. You have learnt to see with the Inner I rather than the eyes of flesh. Once you have the direct experience of your true Self and it is no longer theory, the two 'I's become One. One loses themselves in the Truth. Cause and effect come together as One.

~ Love Tracy

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