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What you bring focus to something, it expands or grows. What you are conscious of you give life too for consciousness is inherently creative. Creation is simply the nature of Consciousness like giving light and life is the nature of the Sun.

The mind is the window through which the sun (Consciousness) shines through to warm the temple (Soul/present moment awareness/subconscious) and give life too.

What then is the most prudent state for the mind to BE in if this case?

Bring your attention (conscious mind) to your Awareness (Subconscious). This is how the Self is realized. By the expansion of Mind Consciousness (I) into its subconscious (am) Awareness that is the vessel of the Soul (AM) that is directed by ones true Consciousness as Spirit (I). When the I (conscious mind) joins with the am (subconscious mind) it becomes a pristine channel for the true Self that is (I) Consciousness aka Spirit (Am) Awareness aka Soul. I am (Spirit) that I am (Mind) is the totality of life aligned and working together as One and often described as Grace.

This is opposed to creating thoughts with your consciousness as mind and giving life to them by virtue of giving them your attention or focus instead of giving your attention to the present moment/subconscious. Life is already perfect - the present moment which is the vessel of Soul is already created perfect being the activity of Consciousness. Do not let the mind come between them and supersede its own thoughts and ideas about reality that does nothing but destroy, distort, or delay the perfect manifestation of Consciousness aka Spirit.

This is what Sri Ramana means when he advises to hide the mind deep within the heart. For the subconscious holds our emotional body and the door to our Soul which is pure Love. Our emotions are the daughters of Soul which is pure love. The way back home then is first to hold your attention in the subconscious until all that is unconscious in you is healed and made conscious. Once the subconscious is resting in peace the conscious mind can withstand being present in continually. With the minds consciousness merged with its own Awareness it becomes a channel for our true Consciousness and Spirit being Soul (Awareness) that leads us intuitively, serendipitously and with synchronicity.

It is much better to be led in our true Consciousness as Spirit rather than our consciousness as mind that is like a branch cut off from the vine when it takes and creates its own thoughts while ignorant of its true Self.

~Tracy Pierce

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