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If our evolutionary history regarding the expansion of consciousness both personally and collectively is anything to go by then the idea of another dimension of our existence being revealed, beyond the known mental and physical realms that construct our present-day reality, seems a highly probable eventuality. Particularly considering Darwin's evolutionary tale that clearly demonstrates our consciousness evolving from the experience of being one dimensional to two. According to Darwin, we were once naught but a one single-cell organism with the intellectual capacity of a Jellyfish, that miraculously, over time - a lot of time - morphed into a species entirely too clever for its own good or the good of the planet.

Unfortunately, Clever, though handy, does not equate to being terribly Conscious. In fact, the intellect can be a definite hinderance when not tempered with the wisdom of a pure heart that serves. History is rife with examples of how we as Consciousness have expanded multidimensionally as one ontological revelation after another, completely redefining our very existence. Yeah, the realization of another dimension of being is, in my opinion, no more astounding or inconceivable than when the mental realm was realized, way back when, as the Missing Link, we had had our first thought. Until today where we see the end of thought, whereby the thinking mind surrenders itself to a higher state of being Present Moment Awareness that knows itself as the Cause behind the effect of mind and body. This expansion of Consciousness allows for the tempering of mind that invokes healing. The intellect without the guidance of itself Spiritually will die by its own sword as perhaps our present-day reality depicts as we once again Teeter on the edge of a world war while our planet slowly dies from those 'wanting more'.

Obviously, the thinking mind had its part to play in the big scheme of things. It was and is a necessary link in our evolution that does have its place and part to play. However, it is important to understand that the thinking mind for the most part, is a juvenile aspect of the being mind, in the same way crawling is to walking. The mind cannot master the mind; one thought cannot dominate another thought for long, as evidenced in the addicted and desire filled mind that regularly sabotages itself and its best intentions every day for one reason or another somewhere in the world. Only the Consciousness of Spirit can master the consciousness of mind once a being state has been established through the Consciousness of mind being as deeply present in and as the moment as possible. Until you are no longer in the moment, but the Presence of it. Until the seer and the seen, the meditator and meditation become One. Until this nondual state is effortlessly experienced.

If it is your time to lose your mind and find your Soul or put another way - if it is your time to Awaken, then you will most assuredly be given the awareness and will to get you to that effortless state of being Now, whereby you are nobody but an instrument of Thy Peace.

The realized mind knows itself as the eternal and formless Cause behind the temporary Effect of mind and body while moving multidimensionally as One. Consciousness being many instruments in the symphony of life is an apt description of yourself as Life that is fully Conscious. Love is its only reason for song.

The ego only knows itself as the Effect of the body while mistaking its own Consciousness of mind (which is also effect) as being the true Cause or Consciousness of Spirit. The Consciousness of mind can only merge with the Consciousness of Spirit through the Awareness of the Present Moment aka Soul. Never confuse being present in Consciousness as thought, with the reality of being present in the Awareness of the moment. They are absolutely two different realities. One is illusion and the other reality. It is easy to confuse the two and suffer for it.

This misidentification of mind being Cause instead of Effect, causes the Consciousness of mind to see itself as a creator of life rather than an instrument that reveals Life, causing the Conscious Mind to perform the wrong job, that completely misaligns itself with the reality and flow of its entire being multidimensionally. You will always work against yourself as Cause if you only know yourself as Effect. The ignorant mind is its own worst enemy.

Being is the new thinking. Peace of mind is the new standard of success.

~ Tracy Pierce

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