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Karma otherwise known as cause and effect is the law through which all creation aka Life is shaped while maintaining and restoring balance and harmony within effect. Particularly in response to the ego's inadvertent & ignorant chaos inflicted upon the world stage as it evolves into the fullness of its being.

The evolution of the Son aka Incarnate Spirit is a messy business. If you hurt another, you will be hurt in return. Not because you are being punished, but because you are quite literally all of life - all being within Consciousness. The idea of 'others' is an illusion. There is only One and your true - full Consciousness is it. If your left hand pinches your thigh the whole body feels it. There is no getting away from this irrespective of your level of consciousness.

Karma only comes into operation when one entertains an illusion of separateness. When one feels a sense of separateness from each other - from their truth, they will also feel desire. All desire stems from the illusion you are not how, not enough, or you do not have enough. All desire stems from the illusion of separateness from our core being. Until one has come into the fullness of their being and lives as the Law rather than by it, one must be subject to the laws of creation. Laws or principles worthy of becoming familiar with. If you work within them, you suffer less the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune as Shakespeare once put it.

The seven principles wrapped up in and as Karma are the principles of mentalism that states all is mind. The principle of correspondence states all realms of being from the spiritual, to the mental, to the physical, all correspond with one another. The principle of vibration states nothing rests, everything moves within a constant state of vibration. The principle of polarity states everything moves between two poles, everything is dual or has a pair of opposites within the One Whole. The principle of rhythm states everything rises and falls within its own season and tide. The swing of the pendulum swings within everything. The principle of cause-and-effect states that every cause has an effect, that what goes around comes around. The principle of gender states masculine and feminine principles manifest on all realms of existence - on all levels of creation.

Karma seeks to love and understand, to enable and illuminate - not punish. Karma restores balance and harmony, maintaining peace and wellbeing, even if sometimes it hurts. It's just growing pains. The death of the ego is never a pretty thing, but it does come with a happy ending. Almost like childbirth. Enlightenment is an expansion of consciousness likened to the difference between one's consciousness when one is asleep and when one is awake, when one is a baby and when one is a man. Nothing has changed but everything has changed. In realizing oneself as Spirit, one dies of the flesh and is born again of Spirit, even while breathing. We need not wait until death to strip us of all that is not real, not our true Self.

Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, `You must be born again. – Jesus

Self-Realization is the fate of all beings. It is not something anyone can escape, for in truth, one already is Self-Realized and perfect. It is an illusion that we are not. We as an evolving focal point of Consciousness or incarnate Spirit are simply under the delusion we are not. Of course, because we entertain this delusion in mind - in the mental realm, it is manifested in the physical realm, which we in our ignorance take to be true. Unfortunately, we are still at the point in evolution whereby we imagine empirical evidence to be the ultimate truth. Seeing is believing kind of mindset. This is the mind caught up in its own delusions, a mind unaware of itself beyond the mental and physical. When the mind is not able to learn intuitively due to ignorance, it is forced to learn as animals do within the one Soul: through trial and error and instinct - through the laws of the universe.

Whether it be known in this lifetime or another, truth and happiness will get you in end. It is inevitable, inescapable, and fixed. It IS already a reality which is why I have said so often that the mind is not here to create life but to reveal it. Of course, before the mind can reveal this perfection - this Spirit, it must first realize it. So slow down and take the time to be present in your own liberation from mind. Know your life will be like inhabiting a series of movies - some are dramas, some are comedies, some are almost science fiction, and some are horrors. All of them are just movies orchestrated within the laws of our being to increase personal consciousness enough to embody our true Spiritual being. Everybody has a part, or a role to play in the revelation of the true Self, who is playing its role in its own unfoldment - and so it goes on into infinity. The Universe is constantly expanding because our consciousness is. It is expanding into itself. The mind can barely grasp this concept.

It is the fate of all to be lucid within the dream. Poe knew it, Rumi knew it. So did Atticus and many more besides. It's only a matter of time before you do too. And what could be better than being lucid in a dream of your creation instead of being at the mercy of the egoic mind's nightmares?

You are Spirit being soul, you are, and I am Nonconceptual Consciousness being Undifferentiated Awareness. This is no need to subjugate your Self to the mental and physical realms, which you in truth have dominion over. Not as myself but as Thy Self. Every lifetime through the principles of law, through instinct and intuition, through synchronicity and serendipity you will realize your true Self as Spirit and light will shine on your ways.

~ Tracy Pierce

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