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Knowledge and form always change as they belong to the physical and mental planes of effect. As we know, the only constant in relation to these realms, are their ever-changing evanescence, that sees matter assume a million different guises, as it lives and dies over and over in the service of Cause aka Spirit which has dominion over all beings and non-beings.

The physical and mental realms like their maker, are eternal. It is true matter cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transmuted. However, that is where the similarities in principle end. The cornerstone regarding the realms of effect is their consistency of movement. The cornerstone of Cause - its creator is the opposite. It is Stillness that is otherworldly. It is a Presence of being life - I am.

Between and as these two poles, Consciousness moves, breathes, and has its being in the never-ending love story played out between the mind of Spirit (I) and the heart of Soul (Am) as they unfold into their fullness of Being, together as One, on a world stage, that sees the stars clap and cheer from season to season in their amusement and sorrow.

Shakespeare called it when he said all 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players' until such a time, to quote Shakespeare again, "Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything". When everything becomes nothing once again. Such is the rise and fall, ebb and flow of all that I am and always in all ways will be.

~ Tracy Pierce

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