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And when death of the form - the mind and body comes, who or what are you then? This is what you must come to know before you take your last breath. In doing so, your last breath will be experienced as a birth rather than a death.

So who are you when you have lost your mind?

Note: The mind/body that you were is no longer under your control yet it still has life operating in and as it. After all matter cannot be destroyed nor created - it can only transform. And that is exactly what your mind/body will do, once you are done with it. It will transform into another form for Life to use.

Life is still using the body as your life is done with it. So the impersonal life is still living but the personal has died. Are you seeing yet?

You are Life - you do not have a life (though you once did), you ARE life, that will live again and again inside time and space - and outside of it, for I am omnipotent, omnipresent and omnisentient. I am the Alpha (Unmanifest Cause) and the Omega (Manifest Effect).

~ Tracy Pierce

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