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The mind, which is an empty vessel made for Spirit, is by its very nature is ONE thought. I (Conscious mind) Am (subconscious mind) ONE thought. This is its natural state. ONE thought of Awareness. Be aware now without thinking. Look around you being aware of everything but not thinking about anything. Can you see how you are Awareness? You are aware. You are not thinking but you are aware. Your mind is not blank because you are aware of everything. You simply are not thinking. Just because you are not thinking, it does not mean that you are not aware.

The minute you divide your temple aka mind by taking thought you separate the mind into a state of dualism - into two thoughts instead of one. The conscious mind (I) rises into illusion while the subconscious (Am) stays present in and as the moment of being. When one rises in thought, one rises outside their temple of Awareness which is called Present Moment Awareness. The subconscious/ Present Moment Awareness is the vessel for Soul which is Pure Awareness. Behind this pure Awareness of Soul is our true Consciousness as Spirit.

The conscious and subconscious minds must work as one MIND - one thought, for together they are the vessel - the very channel for the true Self which is 'I Spirt Am Soul', that guides the mind through intuition.

The empty vessel of mind is only filled with the true light or Spirit of Consciousness when it stays as ONE thought of Awareness - when it works together in harmony with the subconscious mind/Present Moment Awareness. Only through the Soul - only through Awareness can the consciousness of mind and the consciousness of Spirit become one. Only through Soul can the mind realize itself as Spirit.

I am that I am is the Spirit, Soul, (true Self), conscious and subconscious minds working together as ONE. This is life living itself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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