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When the mind is in an egoic state, it causes the emotional body to form habits and core beliefs that often cause us to suffer and hold stress. Eckhart Tolle refers to this phenomenon as the pain body.

Each thought elicits a corresponding emotion for we are creatures of both thought and feeling. In fact, we are mostly feeling in that the subconscious constitutes 95% of our being We have thousands of different thoughts a day therefore we have thousands of different emotions running around out body causing one chemical reaction after another. The emotional body tends to use the limbic system, (Chemical pathway), while the mind tends to use the CNS/PNS. Clearly then we can see that we are putting unnecessary stress on both our mental and physical systems by allowing incessant thoughts and feelings to impact our daily lives. It is unnecessary as the egoic state of mind is not our natural state of mind, therefore, will give rise to unnatural states seen in disease.

As a point of reference, while in an egoic state of mind, one tends to rise in thought first, with emotion following. When we have a feeling or an emotion first, this can often indicate that our true Self - our true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit or Cause is communing with us. Our true Consciousness as Spirit works through the Soul via the Subconscious Awareness, which makes us aware consciously - meaning an awareness of whatever our true Self is conveying (activity of our true Consciousness) filters through to our Conscious Mind aka thought or Inner I. After realization, when the Vehicle or Mind Consciousness has merged with its true and eternal Consciousness, through being in the Present Moment aka Soul, one's thoughts from Spirit are direct as they are One.

As previously stated, we have thousands of different thoughts and feelings running our mind and body that often oppose each other. In fact, we are more at war with ourselves than we are at peace. Every day one thought and feeling wars with another as well contemplate the right thing to do or not do. We are literally a house divided against itself. One that generally falls to disease or misfortune.

When we begin the road less travelled on our journey back home to ourselves, we learn to keep our Conscious Mind - thought, in the Present Moment Awareness of our Subconscious aka Temple. This requires us to withdraw our attention from sense objects and to focus it on being Awareness which is not an object but an activity of being in our Consciousness. This takes a different mindset that we have ever previously held. This in and of itself takes time to develop and hold until it is effortless. Take heart however, if it is your time to rise and shine, you will be made aware and given the discipline and strength to do so. Realize though, it is not an over-night event for most people. It takes time. It is a process like everything physical is.

Our first port of call then is purifying the mind aka subconscious. In other words, healing the emotional body becomes a priority as until we are at peace emotionally, we will keep pushing the Conscious Mind aka Thought or Vehicle Consciousness out of the Temple. Our thoughts cannot stay long in a place of unrest and unlove. We will consciously seek to distract and medicate ourselves until we find that peace - that happiness that is actually our true nature. This must be done before the mind can truly hold a meditative state. One’s thoughts and emotions must be resting in peace together as One. Only then will the ego breath its last breath liberating us from a life of suffering. Some due to past life experiences can skip this part and move straight into Present Moment Awareness, so understand I am speaking generally and that there is an exception to every rule.

As we bring our conscious mind aka our presence) Attention - attending) to our emotional body we begin cognizing or becoming conscious of what has been haunting us. I use the word haunting as I find it quite apt in this case. Our feelings and emotions are a huge part of our being which we tend to suppress due to how painful they are. Rather than address them by allowing ourselves to sit in our misery until it is understood and spent, we distract ourselves by looking for something that makes us feel good instead. Hence addictive behaviour. We distract ourselves with any number of things from drugs to over work to sex to incessant gaming etc. Because we have given what deeply hurt us little voice and attention, these ghosts per se have stayed within our body, unresolved, haunting us, while we move on with life, forgetting they are there. We then unconsciously hold redundant habitual emotional patterns that cause us to be ill at ease within ourselves, while wondering consciously why we feel this way. Due to supressing them for so long we often forget what did hinder us in the first place. Most emotional habit patterns and core beliefs were created before the age of 5.

The only reason we do shadow work (Therapy of some type) is not because the personal self is important in the grand scheme of things. On the contrary, it's not. It's an illusion. We do it as the mind must be in on its own awakening. If thought is ever going to cease, thereby allowing us to sit in Present Moment Awareness where we connect and merge with our true Consciousness, then we have to first subdue the Consciousness of Mind, slow it down and take it out of its defensive and unconscious panic-stricken state of being.

The only way back to healing our emotional body is to let these skeletons out of the closet. Let these ghosts that do haunt us rise so that we might address them. Once you allow these repressed feelings created by emotional habit patterns that are no longer necessary, to rise the reasons and thoughts that created them will rise again, giving you an insight into yourself you never had before. Here the adult 'you' heals the inner child. What once weighed you down is gone, allowing you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. In this manner you can get rid of redundant core beliefs and habits that once kept you safe, but that no longer serve you.

You will note that in the word emotion is motion. Emotion is what inspires the body to act on thought which in turn inspires the body to move, to bring motion, to create life in the outer world. If emotion is not spent, it will instead stay within the body as pressure which over time builds up. Until this motion is spent it will cause havoc within us and be reflected with some kind of disease due to the body being subconsciously, unconsciously ill at ease.

Once the Conscious Mind can rest within the Present Moment Awareness of the Subconscious and the two minds are working together as One, we begin to feel at peace with ourselves. This peace becomes a channel for our true Self as Spirit to flow through the Soul/Subconscious and into our Conscious Mind as the Holy Ghost aka Intuition, guiding us by giving us our Daily Bread that is unleavened - meaning unrisen. Thought aka the Conscious Mind has not risen out of its Temple in its own egoic generated thoughts, but is resting in peace within the Moment, awaiting its Mana. This thought is of a different quality and quantity. Our thoughts only now take up 10% of our mental output where before they used to take up 95%. No wonder so many people have dementia etc as we age.

Let the mind rest in peace with the death of the ego aka thinking mind by doing your shadow work so that you might stay Present as the Presence of your own Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

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