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Inspiration & intuition are where it is at.

Dancing to the beat of your own drum while in rhythm within the symphonic majesty of Life is what it's all about.

If one can't hear the music (Intuition = tuition from within) of Spirit, then one can't keep rhythm with life. Life being the vessel of the One Soul. If this is the case, you may find yourself out of step and trust me, life isn't the kind of partner that takes too kindly to having her toes stood upon.

Be sure that it is the music of Spirit you are listening too and not the mind for though the mind can sing a pretty tune now and again but rarely is it in step with life. The mind is always off key due to playing an individual song whereas the song of Soul is a collective effort.

What is guiding your dance? Your spirit or mind?

Spirit moves one through one being in the moment. Mind moves one by taking thought.

"Life is the dancer and you (Spirit) are the dance" - Eckhart Tolle

~ Tracy Pierce

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