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You jump in the car and start driving. For 5 years you drive continuously.... until you believe you are car. This identification with the car limits you to the mechanics of the car. You lose sight of being the driver who has human vision - limited only to the said mechanics of the car. Because you are blind, you crash again and again until you can no longer stand suffering and ask why. Why is this happening to me. This cannot be my life. Something inside you innately knows there is more to you than being this car. So, you start looking for yourself as and with the car. You drive everywhere looking for yourself. However due to the limitations of the car - being only an insentient & mechanical instrument, you as the car are incapable of realizing your true 'Self' 'Driving' which is the natural mode of the car is not capable of finding yourself as the driver.

What to do then? Stop driving and be park the car. Let the car be still. When you are no longer caught up in the actions and mechanics of the car, you as the driver, become aware of your true Self for the first time in a long time. Soon, through this stillness, though the stillness of the car, comes a light that was not seen before, even though it was always there. You are simply no longer distracted by the scenery while driving. You are no longer caught up in believing you are the mechanics of the car. The longer you sit still, the more conscious you become of your true Self being the driver of the car until one day you fully remember, and you realize, I was never the car. I am always what I was looking for. The Stillness of the car, broke your identification with the car, leaving only you as the driver left. Hence realization.

The car is the mind, the driving is thinking, the driver is the true Self. Identification with mind can only cease through its utter stillness.

It is not with the mind that the Self is realized. It is with no mind.

"Be still and know that I am" - Psalm 46:10

~ Tracy Piece

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