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What is born must die. You will experience your death and the death of your loved ones. You will experience the aging of the body - if you are lucky. You will experience meeting and parting, loneliness and love. This is the human condition.

Your ability to accept all of this is dependent on your understanding and experience of reality beyond the mind/body. If you know Thy Self beyond the experience of 'myself' then acceptance and peace will come easy.

For example, if I put a movie in front of you that was every genre you could think of - sci fi, action, thriller, drama, etc....such as Dune, Dead Poets Society, Blade Runner, Steel Magnolia's etc, you would enjoy it. Every single emotion from the pain of losing a favourite character to the joy of discovering new worlds would light up your heart as you threw yourself into the characters and plot. You could do this because you know it is all fiction - a non-reality that means nothing once the movie has ended. You KNOW yourself as the reality beyond the movie.

Your life is a movie - it is not your reality. These words will mean nothing leaving you to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune until you EXPERIENCE Thy Self of Spirit beyond the myself of mind/body. Until you know Thy Self as your true identity, you will suffer the fear of losing all you are not.

Once your sense of reality and existence is known as the eternal and infinite true Self, you will allow life to flow in what ever direction it likes, without undue attachment to anything.

It is time to wake up and get real with yourself. Theory is no longer enough. Belief is no longer enough. It is time to KNOW. The true Self must be an experience - an activity in and of your Consciousness and it must bear fruit! The fruit of Spirit is being an instrument of peace in a world of unrest, guided by the I of Spirit, rather than the eyes of flesh.

~ Tracy Pierce

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