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Mind aka thought is the bridge which between Cause and effect - that is all it is. The mind is akin to a draw bridge. As soon as the mind rises in thought, one's true Self as Cause/Spirit can no longer flow into Effect. What flows into the body of the individual and the collective as effect instead, is the minds self-created thoughts, which of course are limited and dualistic due to being cut off from its Source. Mind or egoic thoughts are called false images as they come from a false sense of self.

This false sense of self is created when the mind/body is not conscious of itself as Spirit. The mind/body when not conscious of itself as Cause/Spirit cannot live by intuition, synchronicity, and serendipity. Therefore, being blind spiritually the false self aka the ego is born, which is the vessel believing it has a life apart from Spirit rather than as a part of Spirit. Due to this disconnect the mind/body/ego must navigate the world by taking and creating thought which judges and measures everything between two polarizations of 'good' and 'evil'. Everything thought is recorded in the physical body which gives rise to a sense of time and space which in turn creates the illusion of yesterday and tomorrow.

Moreover, the only way for the mind to know good, is to have in mind also what is bad. You know yourself; you would not know what it good if bad was not there to compare it too. The mind when it is ignorant of its true Self cannot know good without bad to compare it too, therefore always has both good and bad in mind even when it protests to ONLY have good in mind and at heart. It stands to reason that the mind cannot hold good in mind without also holding bad. This is why our greatest joy will become our greatest sorrow in this lifetime or another. Or we will see some people have it good while some have it bad for in truth there is only one mind, like this is only one Spirit or Consciousness.

The only way to avoid the limitations and dualism of mind is by realizing the true Self which is neither good nor bad but Life which is intelligently loving. The true Self is life (Cause) living itself (Effect).

We realize the true Self by holding the mind in a one-pointed singular state that is meditative. Our conscious mind (I) sits in our subconscious (Am) which is our present moment awareness - allowing them both to rest in peace as ONE MIND - I am. The subconscious is the door to the fullness of Soul (Am) which is directed by our true Intelligence as Spirit (I). Once the mind relaxes into a peaceful and pure state of I am-ness, it merges with its true Self that is I Spirit Am Soul. The two I am's merge as one allowing one to live in alignment aka living under grace.

When you know your true Self - you see and know yourself in everything and everyone.

~ Tracy Pierce

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