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Everyone in the world refers to themselves as "I am" irrespective of what language they use to utter it or what part of the world they come from. This is where we experience our common bond. This inner 'I am' is our costume consciousness, our sense of existence that we often confuse for our true existence beyond the I of the Omega - beyond form.

It is from this sense of existence that thought is created and it is through this 'I am-ness' this sense of existence that a higher Consciousness is revealed and experienced when thought ceases to rob the den. The 'I am-ness of our Being is the door to the and eternal I am of our existence - beyond the costume and world stage. Even beyond behind the scenes of life in death. Spiritual Dimensions of Thy Being are revealed when one meditates on the I am-ness of their being. The eternal I am of 'I am that I am' is revealed through this meditative practice. Sri Ramana Maharshi calls it Self Enquiry or Surrender which is likened to it in principle.

Our Awareness - our Am-ness as the one true Soul, is wrapped up in the Consciousness of mind which is thought and feeling and the objects they create in the physical. We as Soul, are identified with the Son Consciousness (Mind) rather than the Father Consciousness which is Spirit - the true 'I AM' which is known through the I am-ness of the Christ or Buddha Mind. Not the eyes of flesh that the Son looking outwards (Inverted Christ or Buddha) uses.

Remember you cannot focus on Awareness; you can only focus AS Awareness. There is no subject - object dynamic. No duality. Only Being Now. It is completely impersonal. You are not looking with the eyes but the I. How does an eyeball see itself in a mirror-less world? It cannot - it's seeing is knowing. Being what it knows. Knowing is Being. The Thinker, the thinking and the thought become One. Differentiation is dropped - illusion is dropped.

Keep yourself out of the personal state of mind through being profoundly present with all your heart, mind, body and strength. To be born again impersonally of Spirit one must die personally. Being Present Moment Awareness does that.

The Subconscious, which is always in all ways, awake and in and as the present moment will allow the conscious mind to rest within it when purified and at peace with itself. In other words, when, what Eckhart Tolle calls the 'Pain Body' has been healed. The Subconscious (The reincarnating aspect of one's 'Instrumental Being) in this state of rested purification as the Temple allows Spirit to be clearly seen. Recognition is followed by Realization of the true Self. Once the true Self is revealed, one is liberated from the Egoic Mind. Grace of course is the result.

When the I and Am of the Mind work together as One - they become an instrument of Peace, that aligns with Thy true Self as Spirit. Together they are the door to the Spiritual realms. To realizing the fullness of our Being in the way the Caveman eventually realized the Professor in him. Walk through the door of 'I am'. This is the abyss. Fall in it. This is the alter you seek. Sacrifice yourself on it. Meditate on this 'I am' or 'I exist', as you sit not the awareness of the moment but AS the Awareness of the Moment. Stay conscious by staying out of the thinking mind which disturbs the lake that is mind, distorting the reflection upon it. Thoughts truly are like a den of robbers. Expand in consciousness. Expand in awareness. Love yourself down to your bones. Then go deeper. Consciously rest as Awareness.

Keeping the I in a single state of Awareness is really just a still mind in which thought and emotion rest in peace. Such a state allows a focusing of Presence that opens the consciousness of mind to the consciousness of Spirit. The I that is single becomes full of the Light - reflecting itself as Pure Consciousness.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. - Matthew 6: 22

Allegorically (Which is the only way to discern the Bible's great mysteries) this means, ...

The light of the body is the eye (Meaning 'I' - or one's I am-ness) : if therefore thine eye (I) be single (Meaning single as 'Awareness in meditation' rather than 'divided in thinking' /Ego), thy whole body shall be full of light. (The Light (I) behind the Light (I) that is mind. So, the Mind is led by the light of Spirit, rather than the limited and dual light that is itself. This meeting place for the I of Spirit and the I of Mind is the Am - the Soul - the Subconscious - the Present Moment. Now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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