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Everyone in the world refers to themselves as "I am" irrespective of what language they use to utter it. This inner 'I' that some refer to as the third eye is, is our consciousness, our sense of existence. Along with our unconscious body of Awareness, this is our constitution of being mentally and physically. This awareness, that we are presently unconscious of is where we find and feel our true connection to our true Self as Soul, which is the same connection and Soul, to all creatures great and small once our conscious awareness of ourselves expands beyond the personal. Once you find yourself, you find all others for we are One.

Stare, as Consciousness, into the wholeness of your being Awareness, and you will lose yourself personally, to be born again impersonally of Spirit. The conscious mind (Inner I aka Spirit/Consciousness) and the subconscious mind (Awareness or reflection of Soul) when working together as one, is the door to the true Self our true Conscious Awareness. Together they are the door to the Spiritual realms. Walk through it. This is the abyss. Fall in it. This is the alter you seek. Sacrifice yourself for Thy Self on it. Meditate on this 'I am' or 'I exist', as you sit in the awareness of the moment. Stay conscious by staying out of the thinking mind. Expand in consciousness. Expand in awareness. Love yourself down to your bones. Then go deeper. Consciously rest in the peace of Awareness.

The door to the true Self is present moment awareness outside of thinking. Be conscious of NOW.

~ Tracy Pierce

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