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Each and every Soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the divine, first with themselves as, then others, until neither themselves nor others exist for we are all in truth One.

Once we are fully under Grace, we will be able to intuit and know loved one's (To a degree) that have passed over, due to being able to see with the Inner I rather than the eyes of flesh that limit us to the mental and physical realms. There are realms beyond the mental and physical dimensions that we have yet to discover. Likewise, and in conjunction, there are ways of seeing that heretofore, we have not yet evolved into incorporating within our Being.

Grace is the alignment of all aspects of our Being multidimensionally. Our true Self as Brahman Aka Spiritual Consciousness (I) - our true and eternal Soul Aka Awareness (Am) holds within itself (I) their Son Atman/Christ/Kishna/Buddha (I) depending on your choice of words, that projects itself as the Human Soul-(Am) Aka Mind/Universe or alternatively, the 5 sheaths, the Septenary Man or the Conscious & Subconscious Minds depending on your choice of conceptualization and school of thought.

Basically, our name is I am that I am in its fullness, however, while in an Egoic state of Mind, the two I am's 'appear' separate, therefore, out of alignment. Atman is meant to reflect Brahman exactly; however, if Atman has forgotten himself as Brahman through projecting itself as Mind, you could say that Atman has fallen from Grace and is now out of alignment with all aspects of its Being. Instead, Atman believes himself to be Mind experientially even if theoretically he believes himself to be Brahman. Reality is not theoretical, it is experiential.

Once the Conscious Mind (That which we think with) is resting in peace within the Subconscious and both minds are working as one, (Or the 5 sheaths have dissolved into the One Casual body) they are the perfect conduit for the true Self to act upon it, guiding the mind intuitively through Faith. Faith is the silent voice of Spirit that guides us, either through symbols (thoughts) within mind and/or outer serendipitous movements in the physical world due to being the mind of all creatures great and small.

When we Passover we leave the physical and mental body/mind behind, only keeping the Buddhi/Causal body, so this is all you will know of your loved ones. The lower mind and body, absent of Light and love are burnt away, in the same way, what is not needed of a spaceship is on entering the earth's atmosphere. This is because the higher realms will not support the darkness and heaviness of ignorance. In other words, only the highest and most loving aspects of our Being live on. When it comes time to reincarnate, the absence of Love and Light attracts to itself all that is needed to continue evolving.

If the Soul is not willing to relinquish their lower bodies, they will stay in the lower realms until they do.

Eventually the snake will eat its tail and you will evolve to such a point that you no longer require a body or instrument of any type and will merge back within the One as the One, until one fine day you decide to fall from Grace again in to, as Poe put it, "dream a dream within a dream".

~ Love Tracy

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