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One's true nature is that of a creator, which is why one uses the mind to create with. Unfortunately, one's true nature is not the Mind but Spirit. By misidentifying with Mind/Body, one inadvertently misuses it with the result being the cause of much suffering both mentally and physically for one and all. The Mind was born to reveal life, not create it, The I am-ness of Mind is the servant to its master, its true and eternal Self in and of Spirit (I AM). In this way I am that I am.

Officially at this point in time the scientific community will not acknowledge the Spiritual Dimension of our Being as it is not something they can grasp with the 5 senses. Spirit being completely formless is not something the Mind can understand, control, and replicate as hard scientific theories demand. If it were possible for the Mind to 'know' Spirit, then that would make Spirit subject to the mind and it is not. Mind is subject to Spirit in virtually the same way the body is subject to the mind. was possible, then this would make the Mind greater than Spirit, which of course makes no sense whatsoever.

Understand, it is not with the eyes of flesh that the world will know itself Spiritually. It is with the dissolution of one's Inner I- the same I one uses to think with, in which the true Self is known. This is why it is said, one must die to the flesh and be born again of Spirit. All thought originates from the primary I-Thought. and it is accumulated thought that gives a sense of being a separate Self to the One Supreme Self.

This primary I-thought must be stilled and surrendered to the moment as Present Moment Awareness, quietly awaiting the true Self to be Revealed - the true I that one loses their projected or reflected I in. Imagine you are the darkness of the room. When the Light enters the room, where do you go? Nowhere of course - you are absorbed into and as the Light. Your true existence is the light. In our ignorance you thought you were the darkness.

The ‘I’ removes the ‘I’ yet remains the I" - Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The only way for the Conscious Mind (I) to merge with its true Spiritual Consciousness (I) is through both the individual (Am) and collective Souls (AM) that of both of course constitute the Present Moment itself. Bear in Mind that Soul is another word for Awareness. Awareness is always the activity of Consciousness whether it is Mind or Spirit.

This means the Conscious Mind (I) must stay in the present moment where one's Subconscious Temple Aka Human Soul resides. The Human Soul Aka Mind sits in the womb of the One true Soul that is the activity behind all physical manifestation - all Souls. The true eternal Soul (AM) likewise is embodied by one's true Spiritual-Consciousness as the Supreme Self. The subconscious is the door to merging with our true Soul aka Awareness and our true intelligence aka Consciousness.

One stays in the Present Moment by staying out of thought. One's attention or Consciousness can only ever be in itself Aka thoughts, the Present Moment or asleep. If one is asleep, one is serving Spirit. If one is present in the moment, one is serving Spirit. If one is in their thoughts and they have not realized the Self yet, then they are serving themself.

Realize 'Being and Thinking' are opposites and rely on the absence of each other to give definition to themselves. When one is Being present, one is not thinking. When one is thinking, one is not Being Present. Being is another word for meditation. The meditative mind is a still mind that reflects the purity of Light that is Spiritual Consciousness, in turn merging the I of Mind and the I of Spirit into ONE.

I am crucified with Christ (Buddha or Krishna etc): nevertheless, I live; yet not I, - Galatians 2:20

Here the Ego has been crucified - absorbed into the true Mind that always in all ways serves the Father Aka True Self. So, one is crucified as the Ego and is resurrected as the Christ - the true Son, reflection or projection of the Father Aka Supreme Self.

~ Love Tracy

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