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The closer you get to the truth the more paradoxical it becomes so bear with me while I explain a truth about the name of our true Self; I am that I am.

Understand the Consciousness that is mind (I am) and the consciousness that is your true Self as Spirit/Soul (I am) are not the same Consciousness even though they are one. Mind Consciousness is the vessel for our true Consciousness as Spirit. Mind consciousness (Vessel) was born of the Soul (Awareness) which was impregnated by Spirit (True Consciousness). So, you could say that the mind (I am) is the son of both Spirit (I) and Soul (Am) - the truth Self and that it was born in their image.

While in the physical, the mind must die to the flesh (by the cessation of thought) and be born again of Spirit. This means it must die to the thinking mind and sit meditatively in the womb of the mother which the subconscious aka Present Moment Awareness, awaiting the revelation of its true Consciousness as Spirit (Father). Through the mother which is the Soul/subconscious/present moment (they all mean the same thing in their differentiations) the consciousness of the mind and the consciousness of the true Self as (Father) Spirit merge as one Consciousness being I am that I am.

Until one had died to the flesh - meaning stopped identifying as the mind/body and been born again of Spirit - meaning identifies 'experientially' as Spirit, the two I am's are disconnected. The I am that is mind does not know of the existence of the Spiritual I AM aka the true Self.

Due to this misidentification, the mind is misused.

Instead of the mind receiving thought intuitively through remaining consciously still within the awareness of the subconscious mind (Door to Spirit), the mind gets busy creating thought itself, further veiling Spirit with disastrous consequences for the whole, due to the minds limited vision and disconnection to the whole.

Thinking veils Spirit as the I am that is mind is a channel through which intuition - tuition from within comes through and directs the mind. If the channel is being used for the creation of thought, then Spirit cannot flow through. The two I am's become disconnected.

Thought generated by a mind unaware of itself as Spirit, is called a false image or an abomination. The subconscious however doesn't know true from false so replicates the image given to it by the disconnected vessel of the truth Self, onto the world stage anyway for us all to experience collectively. Hence the state of our world today. A perfect reflection of the egoic mind leaving the world devoid of the spiritual vision and presence that would unite us all.

The only way for the ego to die is to adopt a meditative mind that serves Spirit rather than retaining a thinking mind that serves the ego aka Satan. Satan (egoic mind) is nothing more than an inverted Christ or Zen mind.

~ Tracy Pierce

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