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There will come a day where we will teach our children what we learned too late. In my opinion that day is not too far off. The children of the Now Aka our generation are awakening to their fated realization of the Self. Finally, the New Age is dawning.

As our generation learns to listen to our Inner voice, we will in turn teach our children and grandchildren to listen to theirs. Instead of listening to the voices of the world that have historically led us to our death, we will collectively join together as one voice, as one Spirit heralding a new way being, forever changing life as we know it.

We are now at that pivotal point in our evolution where we are once again levelling up, embracing our multidimensional potential. Where once we evolved from the physical to mental, we are now evolving from the mental to the Spiritual. Within the right season we will hold within our being, true images given through the Inner I that has merged with its Source; Soul being Spirit, rather than false images taken from the 5 sense that validate a lie rather than truth.

Our children don't have to take the path of suffering to know themselves Spiritually. Our youth no longer has to be wasted on the young. Neither do we have to die in vain. Die a small personal and pitiful life apart from life rather than a part of it.

We need not create an ego that we need to dismantle in the latter half of life. We can save ourselves all the time and trouble by learning to keep a being mind rather than a thinking one. A mind guided by one's true Self as Spirit, rather than by a false sense of self that passes away like all things made of dust. Let us usher in the new world by being the change our children need us to be. The only way to save the world is to save ourselves.

Let us be present NOW for Now is the only place to know ourselves Spiritually, outside of the maya of mind.

~ Love Tracy

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